Hey friends, how are you doing today? Just today? Do not look back to analyze the past  and do not look forward into the future, just today, how are you doing? I’m doing ok, thank you for asking. Although I should revisit the past, just briefly, to tell you, we picked up over a foot of snow over the weekend.  And also, to tell you that our temperature barely rose to 30°.  

But  today  is a good day, because I choose to take the Lord at His Word, according to Psalm 118:24 “and rejoice in this day”. “Sufficient for today” (Matthew 6:34) right? Sometimes my attitude, can be subjected to my emotions and my emotions can depend on my circumstances and, of course, my joy or lack of it, is then hinged on what happens around me, which is shame. It’s so easy to give people or my circumstances too much authority in my life and that’s exactly what I do, when a ‘good’ day depends on whether someone is nice to me or whether it’s a warm 80° day.  What I need to always remember is this: 

God’s absolute, undying love for me is trustworthy. I can trust the Lord because He loves me, unconditionally and unwaveringly. I am absolutely loved by the God of the universe! Shall I say it louder? And His love is dependable and trustworthy.  How do I know this? 

My God sacrificed His precious, ‘only Begotten Son’ just for me. Can you imagine that? Me! He wants me to spend eternity with Him and there was only one way for this to become a reality.  My debt was too great; the price of my sin too costly, there was just no way possible, for me to bridge the gap, caused by my sin.  The God of the Universe knew that, and He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the price of my sin.  

The God of the Universe is faithful. Even in my unfaithfulness, He remains faithful. The truth is, unlike me, the Lord does not need anything from me to be faithful.  He does not need my obedience, nor does He need me to be faithful to Him.  My obedience and my faithfulness are for me; it’s for my good and for my growth and maturity as a Christian. The Lord remains faithful to Himself and to His Word.  

My God is true. Every Word is true, He keeps every promise He makes, because He is Truth. He CANNOT lie, or else He would not be God.  

He is patient. Boy, is He patient!  If I were half as patient as He, I would be a better wife, mother and friend, but I’m not. Thankfully He is very patient, He would have to be; with a daughter like me.  His patience, gentleness and kindness go far beyond mere man’s knowledge. 

He is a forgiving God.  He does not hold my sin against me, when I sincerely ask Him to forgive me. He takes it far away from me.  He never brings it up again, He wipes my slate clean and grants me new opportunities for a beautiful fresh start.  Each acquittal offers freedom and hope, and the possibilities are endless. 

He is good.  Tada! I know, I know… sometimes it’s hard to ‘see’ His goodness, when difficulties and trials are part of our lives.  The truth is, without pain, we have the tendency to fall into a monotonous relationship with the Lord.  We become passionate and zealous about the Lord, when tribulations make their way into our lives.  And so, for our good and just because, this sin filled life will throw us a few curve balls and we experience the goodness and grace of our God during these times. 

God is generous.  Remember, everything belongs to Him; the God of the Universe owns it all and He freely gives from His bounty. And the best part, it comes without obligations. 

The Lord desires only the best for us.  Everything He does and everything He allows into our lives is for our good.  It’s for our growth and for our maturity as Christians.  It’s to make us more like Christ in our everyday lives.  We learn to love others better, to forgive faster, to give more generously, to live a life of kindness and patience, just like our Lord.  He wants us to ‘see’ Him and ‘know’ Him, so He answers our prayers, to create a history with Him.  And so that, we will tell others about Him and His love.  

The God of the Universe is not a god made by hands, He isn’t a figment of our imagination, He isn’t a god conjured up by our minds, He is GOD! He doesn’t need our goodness or lack of it, to love us. He loves us, outside of our selves, because He is GOD. He chooses to love us and nothing we do, or don’t, can “ever separate us from that love” (Romans 8:38). We can trust the Lord, my friends, in spite and because of our circumstances. We can trust Him, because He loves us.  Oh how, He loves us! 

How are you today? Share with us, why you believe you are loved by the God of the Universe.  

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