Hey friends, how are you today? It is a beautiful day in my neck of the woods.  The sun is out, the skies are blue, and winter has been delayed for yet another day.  I am aware that on the calendar, it says winter begins December 21, but where I live, when fall arrives, every day without snow is a blessing.  Honestly, I really don’t mind winter, but I really, really, mind when winter outstays her welcome.  She comes too early and leaves too late and “ain’t nobody gat the time for that!” How was your weekend? 

In our weekly Sunday service bulletin, our pastor usually adds a quote.  Yesterday’s quote resonated with me and reminded me of what I already knew, but sometimes don’t always believe.  Knowledge doesn’t not always bring with it, belief, but knowledge is always necessary for belief.  Anyway, I digress; Sunday’s bulletin said this… character is not made in crisis – it is only exhibited!  Isn’t that profound?

In this verse, we are told that at the time of our conversion, we’re given that one fruit of the Spirit that contains the very character of the Lord Himself.  

Here we’re told that we’ve been given everything, and I mean everything we need for this life.   

I’ve been reminding myself of two truths, this past few days.  God loves my girls far more than I could ever, ever, ever love them.  My love for them is great and I would give my life for them, but the Lord already died for them and gave them something far more meaningful than I could ever give to them. His death and subsequent resurrection bought them eternal life with the Creator God.   He loves them so much that He also provides for them in this life. He isn’t in Heaven, waiting for them to come to Him.  He is actively involved in their lives here on earth.   I had to remind myself that God does, and God allows.  

Secondly, I had to remind myself of the person I am becoming; the person the Lord has called me to be.  The Person, I been called to exemplify to those around me.   The quote said; character is not made in crisis – it is only exhibited.  Who am I then? Because the character of a person defines the person.  If someone constantly tells a lie, this person is called a liar.  That becomes the character of the person; that person is then defined by that character. 

How do you handle your problems, or that of your kids? 

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