Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? I’ve had a great week.  On Monday, I took advantage of the holiday, to complete some house chores that just needed my attention.  You know, the ones that do not have to be done immediately, but it should be done soon. Then Wednesday, we had a mix of all the precipitation. We began with snow, then sleet and then the ice and then just pain rain.  This winter has been very, very unusual in my neck of the woods.  Snow and cold is what we’re used to; this weather and temperatures is still out on verdict.  The snow resorts are quite unhappy I think.  So again, how are you today? I Thess 5 18Yeah! Today, we are having a party; a blog party, that is!  I love to read and one of my favorites are blogs; they are short (most) and sweet.  I prefer blogs that show people whose lives have been changed as a result of the beauty of God’s Word.  I enjoy reading about people who live life ‘in’ the world, but are not ‘of’ the world.  Share with us, who you are and what your blog is about.  Please don’t just leave a link to your blog; people like me what to know what you have to offer before we click; something to do with the way our brain works.

Everyone is invited; you do not have to share my faith to participate.


Here are some simple rules: 

  1. First off, everyone is welcome to participate in this Blog Party (even if you do not currently follow me, although I would LOVE it if you do!)
  2. If you are a new follower of my blog, say hi and let me know so that I can remember to drop by your blog and check you out.
  3. Leave a Comment! Say hi and tell us who you are and what your blog is about. Feel free to leave a link connecting back to your blog’s home page or to your favorite or most recent blog post! (Post this only once please.)
  4. Mix and Mingle! This is where the party begins. I am blessed to have almost 3,000 followers and this is a great opportunity for many of my friends to meet each other. You guys are amazing and I think a lot of you would enjoy meeting and following one another.
  5. Because we are still in a new month, be sure to say what your goals are for 2019, along with your other comments!

ONE MORE THING…  Well 2 more, but won’t take long, I promise)

  1. Remember, you never have to follow anyone just because they follow you. However, it is good manners to always return a page visit for a page visit. Did someone stop by your blog, like or leave a comment? Do the same for them! It only takes a minute.
  2. Don’t forget to REBLOG! Spread the fun by encouraging your own followers to join in the party! This is the best way to attract new bloggers by spreading the word.

thanks buttonclosing1brenda

92 responses to “YOU ARE INVITED… TO A BLOG PARTY (2)”

  1. Hi Brenda! Thanks for the invite!

    I’ve been blogging since late 2013, and talk mostly about my personal journeys both in faith and as a creative writer. I try to be as honest and vulnerable as I can (as appropriate, for the latter) about what I’m going through, what I’m learning, and where I’m growing and to pass along any nuggets of wisdom or craft I find along the way.

    My goals for 2019 revolve mostly around those two areas of my life. In writing, I really want to learn more about story structure and plot this year. In my faith, I’m really trying to grow in believing His promises for me and to heal some of the deep, hidden lies I’ve had and avoided tackling for many years. Nothing hugely traumatic, but enough to keep me from being free and knowing His love as it truly is. It’s time for them to go! Thanks for reading my blog. Blessings and best wishes on yours!

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  2. Great idea!
    Sorry that I am not even fashionably late 🙂
    I follow your blog and I will enjoy reading the new writers.
    If you have a moment please stop by my blog.. I share about humanitarian aid, pro-life, and issues of child abuse.
    Heartache and wickedness of this world are prevalent but the Lord offers peace..
    His eye is on the sparrow and He watches over His children..
    God Bless 🙂

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  3. Hi Brenda, I am a brand new blogger! I actually just started today. You are the first blogger that I’ve followed! I am hoping to learn from you and several others. My heart is to have a blog that helps women heal. Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual. I want to share how I have been healed and am still in the process of healing. Here is the link to my very first..and so far, only blog!

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  4. Hey everyone! My name is Britny, I blog about restaurants, traveling, cooking, mainly everything that has to do with food! I have thrown in lifestyle and some wedding stuff as well. Thanks Brenda for this! I love finding blogs about faith and connecting with other bloggers.
    My goals for 2019: connect more with God, read more, workout more and be more mindful.

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  5. Hey Brenda, I’ve been dropping by and reading your posts for a little while now.
    I’ve been blogging for about three years, most of my posts are about topics relating to my walk with Christ and my journey to physical fitness. I try to sprinkle in the Gospel message on posts as often as possible.
    I’ve seen you like a few of my posts. Thank you for that encouragement.

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  6. What a great idea! Thanks for doing this. I have been following your blog for awhile and I enjoy it. I have found some interesting comments here – blogs I want to check out. My blog is at I am the wife of a retired pastor, a cancer survivor, grandmother and great grandmother. My posts vary from serious thoughts on the Bible to silly things my grandkids do to just the everyday experiences of life. Hope some will stop by.

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  7. This is awesome! Hey I’m Josh. I blog about Christian faith and youth ministry/culture At
    If you’re interested in practical devos both topically and Scripturally, or things dealing with youth, check it out! Thank you!

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  8. What a brilliant idea! I loved scrolling through and finding new bloggers to read! I am a fan of yours and excited to meet some of your followers! You can find me at where I am a pastor’s wife who blogs about faith and family. My heart’s desire is to share words of encouragement and the truth that comes from God’s word.

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  9. Hello, Brenda! Thanks so much for hosting this blog party.

    Hello, everyone! My name is Tiarra and I am a Christian author, writer, and coach. My blog has been dedicated to showing the transforming power of the love of God. Through my blog I want to give hope through Jesus. Hope that it IS possible to overcome through Him. In my blog I talk about my own personal experiences of overcoming depression, suicidal thoughts, low self esteem, and lust. I also give practical steps on how to overcome depression and negative thinking, and occasionally give blogging advice as well. Would love to see you all there!😊 Bless you all!
    My blog can be found here

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  10. Hi Brenda,

    I appreciate your encouragement and positive outlook. I’m a former prison chaplain, nursing home chaplain, missionary worker on a mental health staff, and hospice chaplain. I’ve recently returned to parish ministry and share experiences, sermons and Bible studies at

    I consider myself “Christian by divine intervention; Lutheran on purpose.” I have nowhere near your many followers, but am glad to have you among them. The Lord bless your efforts at outreach and uplifting the spirits of many along the way.


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  11. Brenda, what a good idea – and how generous of you! I just recently started following your blog. I love the idea of becoming His artwork (Yes!) My blog is, basically, a record of discoveries I have found in studying the Word, and sometimes struggles I have had with it. I recently started participating in a jail ministry and have been able to use some of the blogs for Bible studies. My goal for 2019 is to put up these Bible studies so others can use them too. Thank you again for giving us this opportunity to get to know each other! My latest blog can be found here

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  12. Hello, everyone! For the past four-and-a-half years my wife and I have lived in a small country in Central Asia, and together we blog at The Untamed Places (, where we write stories from the world around us in pictures and in words. We’d love to have you stop by.

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  13. Hi Brenda, Love your blog and thank you for the blog party, it is my first time for this so here goes… we are a family who follows Christ and are newbies at starting a farm homestead. We are learning as we go and trying to share our experiences with others who are thinking about starting a farm or homestead as well as building our relationship with God Almighty. The most important part of what we are doing is to spend more time focused on God and our relationship with Him and to increase the time we get together as a family and to get back to the land. Our site is
    Many blessings to all

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  14. This is a cool idea 🙂 Thank you! I started blogging a year ago. It started out as a way for me to share nutrition and money info. I love health and nutrition, and I’m a Ramsey Financial Coach (not for pay). However, as I got started, I found I was more drawn to photos and just a variety of fun, positive and encouraging posts without a definite theme. Because I am doing this for fun and to learn new things, I figure I don’t have to work super hard at focusing on a specific audience. I decided to get a new camera and learn more photography, keeping in the theme of positive and encouraging, and healthy (working on my food photos).

    I love God and am a devoted believer in Christ. But my blog is not focused so much on that perspective, but I do mix in my faith and an occasional bible verse. I really love this new hobby, and it is a great outlet for my creativity. I wish I had more time to read other’s blog posts. It’s like a whole new world out there!

    Here is a link to one of my favorite posts:

    I am enjoying reading the comments from others! 🙂

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  15. Hi Brenda! This is such a great idea!
    My name is Olivia and my blog is called Liv’n’Hope. Sometimes I post “straight” facts (no special imagery), sometimes I post snippets of stories I have begun writing, but generally I love using imagery to share about different things God has taught me through His Word and through experience.
    Here’s the link:

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  16. Hello Everyone!!! I’m a little late to this party. And even though I blog regularly, my true passion is my podcast. I do a weekly show on living for Christ. Right now I’m focused on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I also have special episodes on Christian parenting and testimonies.

    I typically blog about my show topics. So each week, I will expound upon something I talked about on the show. So feel free to check it out at And while I would love the likes and follows, the big thing for me is the listens!

    Now, if you listen and leave a nice review, please let me know the name of your blog and I’ll read your review and give your blog a shoutout on the show!

    I love your blog btw! Blessings!

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  17. Hi Brenda,
    I lost that kg (2.2lbs) very exciting….yay!! 😀
    Blog party, what fun! ♥

    “Tea With Jennifer” brings a cup of inspiration in sitting together reflecting on all things in life through God.

    Having years of professional clinical counseling experience & life journeying, including losing my two little ones & my late husband to brain cancer… Life for me in all its struggles & tragedies is still very special because of Jesus!

    You’re cuppa & treats are waiting at


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  18. Hi Brenda, thanks for the opportunity to connect with your friends.

    My blog is to inspire women to know their identity in Christ. I encourage women facing hardships to embrace the hope of Jesus while discovering the hidden treasures in adversity. I help women find purpose in their pain.

    I welcome new followers, meaningful conversations and support.

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  19. Hey y’all! How fun, thank you for doing this pretty lady.. You are so encouraging and I love your blog. Look forward to connecting and meeting others through this. So my name is Nicole and my blog is Trophy of Grace. My blog is a mixture of encouraging others in their everyday walk and overcoming trials. I also share about living with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Celiacs, and other autoimmune disease. My topics can also range from people pleasing, enabling, living with an alcoholic in my family to God’s everlasting love and just ways to get through everyday life. Please drop by, I look forward to meeting and reading y’alls blogs🤗

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  20. God Bless you Brenda!! Thank you for the invite. God is Able!! You are doing beautiful!! I enjoy your character, and personality. ((Hugs)) It is a blessing to have met you. My blog is to Minister, Teaching, and spreading Word of Truth. I Personally have come along way in my own walk with Jesus Christ. I asked Him to use me for His purpose. I tries to stay Productive on and off line. When I started blogging in book journals about my own life many years ago.I still today have those journals. I called it ((It’s My Journey)) it was a healing process for me, and it did help me a lot, and I give Jesus Christ all the Glory. So I knew nothing about this site. I know it was Jesus that direct me here to this site. He is a ((All)) knowing Father. 🙂 I’m bless to still be here. I’m going to stop here, Thank you again for the invite, do forgive me for my lateness. 🙂

    Sister Betty Jo 🙂

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  21. Brenda if WordPress will let you, you can delete my many accidental extra comments. I tried to do it but it won’t let me..the first one on the newsfeed went through how I wanted it to, the others didn’t even make sense!! Hahahaha

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  22. Brenda, this brought a BIG smile to my face today! Thank you so much!
    I am a fairly new to the blog scene.
    The purpose of my blog is to glorify God and to share hope with people who feel hopeless. Last year,Psalm 34:4-5 changed my life and I want share this with as many people that need to hear it! We don’t have to live this life in the shadow of shame, but rather “Radiant with Joy” no matter what season we are in. I have survived 10 car accidents. 5 of those accidents were very serious and I realized as I cried out to God, He heard my cries and those accidents, were not by accident after all. Each one drew me closer to my Heavenly Father! Even on my worst day, because of HIM, I still have my joy! We don’t have to live in the shadows of fear and shame !
    I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears. Those who look to him will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces.” Psalm 34:4-5.

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  23. WOW … First, it’s a great pleasure & honest to have my blog read by other bloggers. Second, the first thing here hit the “Home Run” button in my spirit because my idea of SUCCESS is BECOMING that TITUS 2 Woman who exemplifies a Proverbs 31 woman-being! I’ve been blogging off & on since I first felt God’s nudge in 2007. Speak True Life is about speaking the truth of God’s Word–no sugar coating, but no harsh, finger-pointing either — Just His Truth in Love. My blog also includes excerpts from my 2 book (KCAuthor tab). Stop by & I can’t wait to meet/read some of you!

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  24. This was such a sweet post, then again – all of your posts are. Glad you’re having the blog party!!!! You know it’s funny, I was just talking to someone last night and they were beginning to complain to God about something they were going through but were failing to look at the fact that God didn’t completely wipe things out and still offered an olive branch to them, in which is not what they wanted but I told them. The bible says in EVERYTHING give THANKS! when I saw that scripture on your blog today, it was just confirmation!

    Hope this weather eases up, we’ve been experiencing the same thing – except for the snow and ice. Keep being a Light my Friend! Much Love =)

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  25. Great idea Brenda!! I always enjoy your positive Jesus-focused post:)

    My blog is and I’ve been blogging since 2017. I decided to start ‘For His Purpose’ as a way to show how God has and is working in my life. I’ve faced a lot of adversity through the years but Jesus has brought me through—so I write about the hardships, the good, bad, ugly, and the pretty…for His purpose:)

    My latest post was called ‘I’m adding Handmade Jewelry to my Etsy Shop’. I wrote it to somewhat “advertise” my Etsy shop which sounds desperate lol but my blog is really my only form of social media.

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  26. Hello everyone and God bless you Brenda for this! I am Sheenah and my blog is called Dating my Ex-Husband! Its me bringing you on my journey of remarriage to my husband! I left him but God gave me an opportunity to restore my vowels and for that I’m forever grateful!! Visit for amazing insight, tips, and much more!

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  27. Thanks, Brenda for this Blog Party. I follow your blog and have noticed a few likes from you on mine. I appreciate it.

    I am new to blogging. I started my blog, “Mindful Of Me Moments” in September of 2018. The blog was birthed from a vision that God gave me during a tumultuous time in my life. Simply put He was mindful of me when I wasn’t mindful of myself. He loved me when I didn’t know how to love me. HE was INTENTIONAL about ME. Through my deliberate surrendering to Him; He transformed my malicious intentions into how He intended me to see myself.

    The purpose of my blog is to build our ability to self-care through building our relationship with God. I speak about my life experiences, self-care, nutrition, relationships, etc. I would love for you all to check it out. I look forward to connecting with you all very soon. Blessings.

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  28. Hello Everyone. I have followed Brenda, however have not been active online only posting here and there. My goal is to connect more with others in an online community. My Blog is Alabasterflows @

    Alabasterflows was birth through difficult moments in my life as I search for Gods virtue to be visible in my life. Transparent during life journey hoping to encouraged others as Alabaster Flows from page to page.

    Be Blessed and Look forward to connecting.

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  29. Hi Brenda and everyone here. I am a new follower of becominghistapestry. I am a new mom and blogger. I launched to share how God is speaking to me through motherhood and also provide a platform for other Christian moms to share faith-based motherhood experiences. My favorite blog post at the moment was written by a sister-friend

    Please check it out 🙂

    Looking forward to reading about yall!

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    • loved the post, TEMI 🙂 Kids need to be taught, don’t they? They are sinners, just the baby version and they too need to LEARN to be better, like the adults.may the Lord bless your blogging ministry, Thank you for stopping by and sharing your link

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  30. Well, I am definitely new to following your blog and saw this post. After maintaining several different blogs over the years. I have decided to focus more on the spiritual growth, journey, and maturation of what it means to live out a spiritual mindful Christian life. I am also working on building a recovery coach discipleship program to work with men on how to live with a spiritual mindful understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to overcome some of the issues men are facing today.

    For me, the 2019 is a year of focus. I wrote about it here:

    At the present moment, I am writing daily devotionals, daily one-year bible reading plans with brief insightful commentary on the particular themes observed within those texts. I am also writing faith-based articles that inspire people to move toward a more genuine spiritual experience in their walk with God.

    Looking for new followers, thoughtful conversations, and support for Damascus Way Recovery.

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  31. Hi Brenda. This is awesome. Thanks for doing this.
    My name is John Eli. I am a life coach and former shame addict. I spent a great part of my life hiding in the shadows of shame and have since been able to rise above those ashes. I currently blog at where each Monday I share an annecdote and life lesson. I post other motivational mini-posts and videos throughout the week. My latest post is about my experience being bullied . I can’t wait to connect with all of you. 👍👊💥

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