Happy and amazing, breathtaking, fabulous, spectacular, phenomenal, superb New Year, my friends, praying that this 2019 will be the best year so far; because each year with the Lord is sweeter than the year before. Remember, we decide what adjectives we will assign to 2019. I have decided that 2019 will be better than 2018 and 2018 was a wonderful year. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for me and you this year. Are you ready? Es 4 14
What are your plans for 2019? At the beginning of each year, I write out my plans for the year. I write them as prayers, in my prayer journal of course. I need to keep a record as the Lord answers. It helps me to remember that God indeed answers prayers.
How do we truly live a successful life, this year? Well, glad you ask…Phil 4 4

  1. Keep a journal; make that a prayer journal.  Write your letters to the Lord often, if not daily.
  2. Write out the plans, big or small and the impossibles and the farfetched. Its okay, we serve the God of the impossible. He definitely knows how to make the impossibles; possible.  You may need to make adjustments as the year progresses.  I Thess 5 17
  3. Share them with Lord, ummmmm…this is really crucial.  You need to know them; you also want to ensure God knows them too.  You know… communication is a two-way street.  It’s not that God doesn’t know, after all, He knows our thoughts afar off. But a relationship includes talking to each other.
  4. Read the Bible, you knew that was coming, right? Because again, in a relationship, there must be communication.  The Lord speaks through His Word.   Therefore, we read His Word in order to know what He wants from us. Hebrews 4 12
  5. Don’t hold on to these requests too tightly; don’t make them matter more than the Lord.  This may be a bit hard at first, but if we are faithful in committing these desires to the Lord, He has this funny way of placing these requests in their rightful place.
  6. Now here comes a really tricky part; sometimes we actually have to work toward achieving these desires.  Surprising, right? I used to think that if I prayed for or about something that meant I absolve myself of all responsibility toward that ‘thing’. Not necessarily so, and that’s the tricky part, some things are totally out of our control; therefore we take it to the Lord and leave it there.  But some things are within my control; I take it to the Lord, but I also begin to put into practice what I already know to be true.  For example, one prayer request is for me is to cultivate Proverbs 31:10, which is good.  Yes, I do have to commit this desire to the Lord, but I also know that in order to become, I have to do. And thankfully the Lord has not left me clueless; He has told me exactly what I need to do, in order to become.  That was a bit lengthy, but…
  7. Now here is the key to true success; Commitment, Perseverance and Self Control. We must exercise all three in order to truly grasp the entirety of these requests. 
  8. Now remember what I said earlier about communication. We tell the Lord about our desires, importantly, we must note, He also tells us about His desires.  We want Him to give us the desires of our heart, and guess what He wants from us? Yes! You guessed right! He wants us to obey His Word. That’s not open to negation, fortunately.  Jn 14 15
  9. Whereas the word of God is not open to negotiation, our requests may be.  But that’s okay, because we know that God will always, always, always do what’s best for us.  See, we can’t see around the corners of our life, but our God can and He May decide that this thing we want, isn’t the best for us, either at this time or ever.  Therefore we…proverbs-3
  10. Trust the Lord. Where have I heard this before? Let’s trust the Lord and be amazed at the work, He is going to do in our lives in 2019.  What are your plans for 2019? closing1brenda