Hey friends, how are you doing today? What are your plans for the New Year? Do you even make plans for the New Year? I love most things ‘new’; new days, new years, new (to me) clothes, shoes, cars; I even like to meet ‘new’ people (sometimes). But strangely (or maybe not so strange) I don’t usually enjoy unexpected changes, which normally ushers the ‘new’. I have come to the realization that I like the ‘new’ that I can control or the ‘new’ that gives me warning signals before they arrive. It’s the unexpected ‘new’ that I don’t like. Do you like the unexpected changes? ecc-31
Of course usually, at a later date; sometime in the future, I do appreciate the new, but generally, my initial reactions to unexpected ‘newness’ are cautions hesitation, if it’s good; or if it’s bad (according to me) I desperately try to reverse the actions. You see, changes insist that I change, changes insist on my adaptation, changes always come with well… changes. I really don’t like change, but I’m trying to do better, especially in this ‘new year’; pray for me. Change is inevitable and when the Lord brings or allows the changes, it’s always a thing of beauty. Change can be good, Brenda. Really… believe that and be ready for it. Every ‘new year’ seems to bring changes; we might as well be ready, right? IMG_5510
It’s the last Friday of 2018. When we ‘see’ each other again, it will actually be 2019. 2019! I have to keep reminding myself of this, because this year simply flew past me. Really … I don’t know what happened, one minute it was January 2018 and next week, January 2019 will be here. Thankfully I kept a journal, or I would definitely believe I was asleep this entire year. Does it seem as if each year moves faster than the year before? If this theory holds true, then 2019 will certainly be a blur; if we don’t keep a journal.thank you
But before 2018 can say goodbye, I would like to say, ‘thank you’. Thank you. Sometimes ‘thank you’ seem so small and insignificant, so minor and puny; but that’s all I can come up with at the moment. Thank you. You actually followed the blog; thank you. You read the posts, you commented, you liked; thank you. You pinned, you reblogged; you shared, thank you. You kept coming back over and over again; thank you. Your comments brought smiles to my face and flooded me with joy; thank you. Thank you, I am so very grateful for you and your encouragement. May the Lord truly be glorified in this place. Ultimately, all the praise and all the glory goes to my Supreme Lord and Master. He has brought so many rich blessings to my life. Thank You, Lord. closing1brenda