Good day Friends, how are you? How was your week? Can you believe it’s the end of week two in October? Week two, friends! I can hardly believe we are just about half way into October! Where did the time go? November and December are almost here and then we are 2019. I just want time to slow down a tad bit, just a little, Lord, just enough for me to catch up with the plans, I made at the beginning of the year.  I feel like time is simply flying past and I’m scrambling to put order, to what seemingly is a very disorganized life.  I write down my plans and try to cross out those I’ve accomplished, except when I look, I haven’t completed any of my projects.  Slow down time, please slow down.  So… how was your week again?  John 10 10The nuances of life that time brings can sometimes be overwhelming. Just a little over two years ago, we were a family of four, all living under one roof.  I homeschooled our girls and in the distance was college and grown kids.  Although they will never be ‘grown up’ kids to me, they are now both at college.  In the not too distant future, I may be a grandmother.  Wait! What! Nooooooooooo.   I am not ready for that title.  I’ll have to talk to the girls!!  James 1 17But wait… this title does not define me, does it? Phew! I was worried for a minute there.  For just a minute, I envisioned a 5”2 woman with a walking stick, wearing black, ugly, but comfortable Dr. Sholls shoes with a brown cardigan.  Sorry, of course, you are quite cute, if you wear Dr Sholls shoes with a cardigan.  But then again, do my clothes define me? What can you tell of the person I am becoming, by my clothes, if I am modestly dressed? Prov 31 29What then, defines me? I am wife, mother, grand-daughter (much better title), sister, and teacher, to just name a few.  Can my identity be found there? Or, perhaps they are roles the Lord has gifted to me.  I am not yet a grandmother and I may never be, does that make me less of a person? Is it okay to look down on others with no children or husband? Or should I just wait for these roles to be fulfilled? Should this be the bar that completes me? Can my identity, my worth as a person be found there? Who am I? Do my roles and accomplishments give me worth? My degrees; does that define me?  Am I less worthy because someone has more than I do?  cropped-heb-13-5.jpgWe talk about the Instagram algorithm and about people cheating because they want more followers or likes or more comments.  Why should that matter? People will always be people. Isn’t it in our nature to sin? Who am I? Should I be so consumed with what others are doing, that now that becomes the definition of me? Am I the Internet police? What is the most important thing? It’s like a parent dealing with the actions of a child rather than the character they are developing.  People are on their way to hell, friends.  Sometimes, I think we are so caught up with the insignificant, that we miss the big picture.   cropped-img_0539-edited1.jpg

I am Christian.  That’s my identity. This identity shapes my life.  It gives me direction, it tell me what to think, what to say and what to do.  It controls my actions and my relationship with others.  This is where my definition is found.  This identity defines my roles as a wife, mother, sister, and teacher.  It defines the person, I am becoming.  At the root of this identity is the desire to bring glory to my Lord and Savior.  In order to accomplish this goal, obedience to His Word is not an option.  He sets the standard for my life.  And guess what? When I falter, there is grace, mercy and forgiveness waiting for me.  Who are you? Who are you becoming? closing1brenda