Prov 31 29Hello friends, happy Friday.  How was your week? I pray you began each day with the Lord.  I have found it to be a necessity for me to do so.  You see, I am not a people person.  I am more of a Martha than a Mary. I am more comfortable with tasks; they don’t talk back, they wait patiently until I get to them, they stay and go when I want them to.  In fact I can pretty much mold and bend my tasks according to my will. But people on the other hand are not very malleable. Therefore I need the Lord.  He helps me to be gentle, kind, compassionate and patient, especially when I don’t feel like it. I usually don’t feel like it to people who reciprocate with bitterness, anger, jealousy and sometimes even hatred.   I need to spend time with Him, daily because He is an expert at adjusting ungodly attitudes, which,  I’m unhappy to admit, are quite natural for me.  Are you a nice person? Don’t answer that; it’s a trick question. I already know the answer.   Prov 31 22I enjoy thrifting, but you already know that.  I remember the first time I went to a thrift store, I was so overwhelmed, I did not know where to start; skirts, tops, pants, dresses in every size and color and style, and the setup is drastically different from the regular stores.   Now, much to my excitement, I think I’ve gotten pretty good; my not so small closet is a testimony.  This is an amalgamation of the pieces I picked up throughout the month of August.   The Calvin Klein jacket is one my favorite pieces in this haul, and the Jessica Simpson shoes are pretty comfortable.  Surprisingly, these Coach wedge heels are not at all comfortable, I was under the misconception that all wedge are comfortable, not so at all.72F662CC-54A4-4DAF-B271-5A179F3A68489979981D-8C0A-4471-B5AF-376E6CC2DE5133E32A48-70CC-4138-9EAC-1D95978F653001AAF789-920D-4644-96B1-F71F9CC83484D9FC0FD8-C7A8-45D7-9925-61C2183D222B7FD0F765-698F-4F03-A426-8E9EEDA83E8EBB5941A3-54DC-47CD-A25D-8C497CDCE3BF0FDDFF25-E8EF-485E-91C9-EC66C9B3DECC72849BBD-A0A9-4097-97C7-1D426D57C3FFSurprisingly, these Coach wedge heels are not at all comfortable, I was under the misconception that all wedge shoes are comfortable, not so at all. If I am going to be uncomfortable in a pair of shoes, then these heel booties will do; cute, fashionable AND it is comfortable too.  Bring on Fall and cooler temperatures!BEFE1F98-3839-496D-86C0-8716AFA70AA9I know what you’re thinking, but in my defense, I got rid of quite a few pairs of shoes over the summer.  I just replaced them, OK? Although I do not necessarily follow trends, one of the Fall fashion trends is ‘snake print’.  I saw this pair of Colin Stuart and cheap, trendy and cute were my descriptive words. D6A0EE52-F6CB-4E47-8489-911C4C18C1CDThat’s it, I’m done for now.  I enjoy the thrift stores, the prices do not break the bank, thus saving us money, while still being fashionable.  Do you shop at the Thrift stores? If you don’t, why? If you do, what are a few of your favorite pieces?closing1brenda

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  1. Brenda
    Thanks so much for all the encouragement you’ve provided through your blog! I love your positive outlook and how you always make it a point to blog/write in a way that glorifies our Lord! I’m thankful I came across your blog when I first began blogging myself!

    I’ve nominated you for a Blogging Recognition Award, the link can be found below:

    Or you can click my flower icon or profile name to read the post at the top of my blog titled Blogging Recognition Award!

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  2. As I read the section:

    “He helps me to be gentle, kind, compassionate and patient, especially when I don’t feel like it. I usually don’t feel like it to people who reciprocate with bitterness, anger, jealousy and sometimes even hatred.”

    It reminded me of how God loves to operate. Being prejudice exist in all of us. The world, our parents, and our environment cultivates the prejudice within us. It is nothing more than a skewed superficial stereotype based on a category of color or status.
    What I love about God has done for me is, although at times I elect and allow myself to blurt out stereotyoical terminology, the moment I kneel down to pray in the Spirit, all prejudice evaporates into thin air as if it never existed.

    The Spirit of God knows not what prejudice is.

    The color of skin we find ourselves prejudice against will be the same color of skin worn by the hand that lifts us up off ground and back onto our feet.

    It is much easier and speedier to be prejudice against someone than it is to take a moment to halt our lives to try and understand theirs.

    A quick dismissal by the utilization of a one word epitheth and we are done. No hassles. No entaglement. Minimal energy expenditure. The easy road to Shackeville.

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    • i thank the Lord for this verse Romans 2:11-12
      For there is no partiality with God. For as many as have sinned without law will also perish without law, and as many as have sinned in the law will be judged by the law… and I also thank Him for grace and mercy which extends to us again and again. Blessed be His name


  3. Hi Becoming His Tapestry, I liked your post-it brought back so many memories of the great finds I found while shopping at the thrift store back in the day. Loved it! I don’t do much buying, shopping or spending these days, since I’m on a tight budget, but loved your post. To be honest, I had forgotten about those days and the fun I had with my girl-friends going from store to store getting early on Saturday mornings spending all day at the Thrift stores. Thanks, for the memories. I’d also want to thank you for following my blogs. I am humbled by your support. Thanks!

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  4. Brenda, I truly enjoy going to the thrifts stores. I enjoy looking for old items for my home. I love items that I can find when I was a child, like a scrub board, dishes, etc. Country things. I enjoy finding clothes and shoes that are flats. What you have shared they all are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. ((Hugs)) 🙂

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  5. I thrift almost everything, but I didn’t do as much this summer. I have no idea what will fit after this baby is born! I did fall in love with a sweater in my colors that is a small, but is longer in the front and wraps around my baby belly. I’ll be able to continue wearing it after. I bought it. 🙂

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  6. I was looking for a post from you! I see you were out shopping. 😀 Nice haul! Yes, I love thrift stores out of necessity. I find great stuff at my local Goodwill. Even running gear. My favorite clothes that I wear every week all came from Goodwill .Bought my son a very nice computer desk there this week for $14! Have a blessed day!

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  7. Enjoyed reading so very much! You always find such great pieces at your thrift store. The Calvin Klein blazer can go with so many different shirts…and I hadn’t thought about pairing a blazer with a t-shirt with words. I will have to try!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  8. I absolutely love the thrift store – The salvation army or the “SA” as I call it is my all time favorite. I had thought about doing a post last year concerning a thrift store haul. You picked up some nice pieces – thing is, I never can seem to get to the SA through the week because I’m working and that’s when you can really grab the goodies, especially houseware things. I love the Kool Nerd shirt and those shoes – see you got some Jessica Simpsons!

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  9. I love buying long, flowy skirts at the thrift store. I know I’m a large, so it’s pretty easy to pick them off the racks, and since they have less shape than most clothing items, they look good most of the time! 🙂

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  10. Brenda, I enjoyed visiting here today, truly enjoyed your piece. You’re a good writer and fashionista. Road trip to Oklahoma to help a girl who limps where fashion is concerned? Have a beautiful weekend. #faithonfire

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