Hello friends, how are you today? Yesterday our temperature soared to a whopping 92°! I think the trees and the insects are very confused, right now.  They know they should be preparing for the next few months, but there just doesn’t seem to be any need to, yet.  Do you think they complain about the weather to the Lord? Perhaps they just trust that He knows exactly what He is doing and their little hearts (if they have any) are quite settled.  The trees will begin to conserve their energy when it’s time and somehow they will understand their appointed time.  The insects will die out or find their underground nests, where they will hibernate until spring or summer, at that perfect time and they too will know when they need to go (hopefully sooner rather than later).  Creation responds at God’s nudging, they are not rushed, even when the weather has seemingly gone crazy. Seemingly right? …because even the weather and the temperature obey the Lord.   ps 19 1Are you ready for cool weather? I do like cooler weather; I know how to dress for Fall temperatures.  The warm weather really limits what one can wear, I think. I find myself reaching for shorts and tees or dresses, no layering in this heat! If asked whether that was my  only reason for enjoying the Fall season, I’d  probably hesitate for a minute before answering, but  I would perhaps have to go with, ‘yes’.  Do you enjoy Fall? Why?  F22A34EC-756E-472D-BF05-BF5151D5C9A9Wow! August has left the building! September is here, friends.  Eight months have gone and we are now left with four months, before 2018 wishes us goodbye. How have you lived 2018 so far? The last few months have been very busy.  The past few months have brought quite a few changes both in me and in our household.  At the beginning of the year, I claimed Proverbs 31:30 as my life verse.  pro-31-30I love that verse, I do believe this is the foundation of Proverbs 31:10-31; the virtuous woman.  In order to be the wife that my husband can trust, a mom who knows the ways of her household and isn’t idle about her tasks, and a woman who speaks wisely and gently; I NEED to ‘fear’ the Lord.  He has to be first in my life, His ways and His thoughts are to lead and direct my decisions and my actions. I must be characterized by His standards.  They are good for me.  In fact, His ways are the best for me.  Believe me, this woman who ‘fears’ the Lord, profits Him nothing.  Becoming His Tapestry does not make God any more God; it’s for my good.  I become a better person.  I become more loving, more compassionate, more patient, and kinder.  Me! Christ’s death and His subsequent burial and resurrection were done so that I can be a better version of me. Without my full surrender to His Word, I would probably be running after ‘beauty and desiring favor and acceptance’ from man.  I will share a secret with you…Ready…it’s easier to be accepted and favored by God than it is with man.  I know, right?! It’s not even like our standards are very high! But we prefer celebrities and famous people, we prefer popular people, and unfortunately or fortunately, I do not fit any of these categories. Plus, people are fickle; they will bash these same people, whose acceptance they seek.   Jer 17 9My God isn’t bothered by titles, He doesn’t care about my wealth or fame or the lack of it.  I am LEARNING to ‘fear’ the Lord.  Ever too often I forget to share my decisions with Him and too often I run ahead of Him.  I have shared with Him that I think He needs to move a tad bit faster for my sake, but He just patiently reminds me to stay in my lane.  Thankfully I’m getting it now.  Hopefully I’ll keep on getting it, but I’m very sure, He is going to remind me again in the new future. prov 31 17How was the past eight months? How have you lived life?  closing1brenda