6DF3D0BC-CE01-4A05-AE80-09212E2D7949Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. Twenty four years ago, July 30th, I said ‘I do’ to my best friend.  Who receives the accolades for this? Surely I say, to my God be all the glory and all the praise. He kept this marriage together throughout the years. He made each year sweeter than the year before.  He made it possible for me to say, “I love you, honey” and there to be no subterfuge found in the words. My God is great, do you know Him? Marriage is surely God’s gift to man, specially designed to draw him closer; to cause him to surrender fully. Too many times, especially in the first few years of this marriage, I found myself on the brink of telling the Lord, He can keep that gift.  Surely, Lord we can get to that place of complete surrender without this.  He said “for you, my child, you need this.”  He knew of my stubborn nature, my tendency toward rebellion, especially when things do not go my way.  He knew of my temper and my need to control my environment to the point of obsession.  Throughout these 24 years, He has reminded me again and again,2 Cor 12 9 My poor husband had a lot to put up with, at the beginning of this marriage.  He probably thought he was getting a ruby among women.  I had been in the church far longer and I had accepted the Lord as my Savior at an earlier age.  But the Lord was growing him too and I was just what this Holy, Righteous and Good God needed to perfect that man.  My God is great and I can guarantee you that He is faithful and He will always be faithful. He can’t be anything else; He is God! DE22F925-133F-4569-BE47-3D77772E8E0FThe Lord has taught me much throughout the 24 years.  His biggest hurdle, I must admit, was getting this girl to understand that He meant what He said.  It took Him years to get me to that place of submission.  Did you know for quite a few years, I lived with the misguided belief that submission to my husband was conditional? I believed foolishly, that my obedience to this verse depended on my husband’s love for me.  I realized later that God in His wisdom would never make His Word negotiable. You see, I am too fickle in my definition of love.  Today he loves me because he bought me flowers. But next year, he doesn’t love me because he ONLY bought me flowers.  See, I’m too fickle.  I’ll stick to the Word of God.   He has grown me not just in spiritual maturity, but also He is blessed me with two of the best girls ever to be found on this side of heaven. Friends, if you are experiencing marital problems, take it to the Lord, Who is more than able to break down barriers and bring restoration. Trust Him, my friends, He cannot fail.  He kept us for 24 years and counting, surely that same God is more than capable of keeping yours.  Surrender to Him, submit to His authority and see what the Lord can do.


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  1. Congratulations! Intimacy is a crucible for spiritual growth, no matter what one’s faith tradition; a long relationship in which authentic love truly endures is a rarity. So, kudos to all three of you – you, your husband and the God/Love that lives between you.

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