Growing favorites –Ps 150 9  Spring has finally arrived here in my neck of the woods (Praise the Lord!). I must admit the winter was taking a toll on me.  I love the snow during the winter, but when the calendar says spring, I do need Spring to be here.  Now… let the good times roll!   I love Spring, in fact, I really do love all the seasons, but I enjoy Spring more.  What was once dead has now been given life. I absolutely love to see the budding of leaves; the flowers just beginning to blossom. Personally, nothing else speaks of the wonder and beauty of God like Spring. I can imagine the birds singing praises to our God, telling their friends and family of His faithfulness. I love the temperature; not too hot nor too cold, just perfect.  People smile more, they are likely to linger and chat.  Spring brings laughter and a spring (get it?) in the step.  Spring inspires me to move, be more active.   What are a few of your plans?  C76D8ED5-399D-4239-B141-91A2AE5A8F8C

 FASHION FAVORITES: 99F2C731-8001-4888-91D1-AE8FB947F6002BA31534-3BA0-48CD-A6D3-31D3684720102889E23A-8B27-42E0-98E0-52ECD41AD4E5These shoes! This BCBG shoes were bought at DSW.  I very rarely buy shoes at regular stores.  Consignment and thrift stores are my shoe stores of choice.  BUT I just happened to be at DSW for which I just happened to have a coupon. They were the perfect color, in the perfect size and they very loudly called to me.  I think everyone in the store heard them. What choice did I have? I had to have them.  These shoes just happened to be on sale and with the coupon they were around $10.00. That’s practically thrift store price!  73485222-F045-44E5-99BA-683C8B0DB1FE5F9F7B0A-B6CA-4870-BCBE-832F7E868A97I am so sorry.  I admit Instagram made me do it.  To be fair, I really, really, REALLY liked it.  I like the style, the shape, and the fact that it was made from wood was a perfect touch. It really is a cool looking bag.  It does not fit much, just the beard essentials.  But then, that’s really all we need, right? Just say, right!  

 BEAUTY FAVORITES  B59F7953-FFB6-4E6A-97DA-D9B87146D25C69FC3896-8185-496C-8034-5327238A94B2This Crabtree & Evelyn is a hand primer.  I know exactly what you are thinking, right now! A hand primer, really! In my defense, I did not know it was a hand primer.  I was looking for a hand lotion and I saw the word ‘hand’ and naturally assumed hand lotion.  Lo and behold it was a hand primer.  That’s what happens when I skim read.  Anyway, I use this as a lotion, (yes, yes, I do) it feels wonderful.  It feels and acts like lotion and it smell great. I bought it as TJ Maxx.   3DDA9CE4-2B43-4C97-B457-94CAF50A90B6090F3187-82CB-4168-997E-4EC872169384Because if BoxyCharm, I own a lot of eye shadow palettes.  But this palette is one of my favorites.   It is by The Balm and is called Nude Tude.  I absolutely love the eye shadow palette. The colors are perfectly nude, which is exactly how I like it.  It is easy to apply and it is very much pigmented. Mistakes are easily corrected, without having to start completely over (yes, I’ve had to do that). I bought this palette from Amazon quite a few years ago.  Love it. BD5D91C3-5332-4E28-9824-7C8AFFBEA98F8F0C916F-10E2-49EE-A62B-9868442DA6DCThis Mac lipstick has become my go-to lipstick.  This shade of pink goes with practically everything. It is more or less a perfect combination of red and brown and pink.  It is creamy and applies easily.  Although I sometimes use a lip liner, it is gorgeous all on its own.  It is called Girl Around Town (who comes up with these names?) I love it.   E9D3A093-B87A-4780-BFAD-78EDB2F087A7EC4745FF-4D92-42C6-86BE-1A23153430D9I do not like a variety of colors on my face, except my lipstick. . Almost everything, I use has a very neutral palette, including this blush.  It is a barely discernible blush.  I love it exactly for that reason.  It provides just the perfect hint of blush on the face.  It is easy to apply and goes on smoothly.  Ps 150 9That’s a good verse isn’t it? I live the way, the psalmist reiterated that last phrase.  “Praise the Lord”. Almost to say, I will start. Let it start with me, I will praise the Lord.  I will join with the psalmist and say Praise the Lord.   There are so many things to praise the Lord for, but I will praise Him because He is God. That makes Him worthy of my praise.  

What are a few of your favorite things during the month of April?  closing1brenda