Growing favorites –Ps 150 9  Spring has finally arrived here in my neck of the woods (Praise the Lord!). I must admit the winter was taking a toll on me.  I love the snow during the winter, but when the calendar says spring, I do need Spring to be here.  Now… let the good times roll!   I love Spring, in fact, I really do love all the seasons, but I enjoy Spring more.  What was once dead has now been given life. I absolutely love to see the budding of leaves; the flowers just beginning to blossom. Personally, nothing else speaks of the wonder and beauty of God like Spring. I can imagine the birds singing praises to our God, telling their friends and family of His faithfulness. I love the temperature; not too hot nor too cold, just perfect.  People smile more, they are likely to linger and chat.  Spring brings laughter and a spring (get it?) in the step.  Spring inspires me to move, be more active.   What are a few of your plans?  C76D8ED5-399D-4239-B141-91A2AE5A8F8C

 FASHION FAVORITES: 99F2C731-8001-4888-91D1-AE8FB947F6002BA31534-3BA0-48CD-A6D3-31D3684720102889E23A-8B27-42E0-98E0-52ECD41AD4E5These shoes! This BCBG shoes were bought at DSW.  I very rarely buy shoes at regular stores.  Consignment and thrift stores are my shoe stores of choice.  BUT I just happened to be at DSW for which I just happened to have a coupon. They were the perfect color, in the perfect size and they very loudly called to me.  I think everyone in the store heard them. What choice did I have? I had to have them.  These shoes just happened to be on sale and with the coupon they were around $10.00. That’s practically thrift store price!  73485222-F045-44E5-99BA-683C8B0DB1FE5F9F7B0A-B6CA-4870-BCBE-832F7E868A97I am so sorry.  I admit Instagram made me do it.  To be fair, I really, really, REALLY liked it.  I like the style, the shape, and the fact that it was made from wood was a perfect touch. It really is a cool looking bag.  It does not fit much, just the beard essentials.  But then, that’s really all we need, right? Just say, right!  

 BEAUTY FAVORITES  B59F7953-FFB6-4E6A-97DA-D9B87146D25C69FC3896-8185-496C-8034-5327238A94B2This Crabtree & Evelyn is a hand primer.  I know exactly what you are thinking, right now! A hand primer, really! In my defense, I did not know it was a hand primer.  I was looking for a hand lotion and I saw the word ‘hand’ and naturally assumed hand lotion.  Lo and behold it was a hand primer.  That’s what happens when I skim read.  Anyway, I use this as a lotion, (yes, yes, I do) it feels wonderful.  It feels and acts like lotion and it smell great. I bought it as TJ Maxx.   3DDA9CE4-2B43-4C97-B457-94CAF50A90B6090F3187-82CB-4168-997E-4EC872169384Because if BoxyCharm, I own a lot of eye shadow palettes.  But this palette is one of my favorites.   It is by The Balm and is called Nude Tude.  I absolutely love the eye shadow palette. The colors are perfectly nude, which is exactly how I like it.  It is easy to apply and it is very much pigmented. Mistakes are easily corrected, without having to start completely over (yes, I’ve had to do that). I bought this palette from Amazon quite a few years ago.  Love it. BD5D91C3-5332-4E28-9824-7C8AFFBEA98F8F0C916F-10E2-49EE-A62B-9868442DA6DCThis Mac lipstick has become my go-to lipstick.  This shade of pink goes with practically everything. It is more or less a perfect combination of red and brown and pink.  It is creamy and applies easily.  Although I sometimes use a lip liner, it is gorgeous all on its own.  It is called Girl Around Town (who comes up with these names?) I love it.   E9D3A093-B87A-4780-BFAD-78EDB2F087A7EC4745FF-4D92-42C6-86BE-1A23153430D9I do not like a variety of colors on my face, except my lipstick. . Almost everything, I use has a very neutral palette, including this blush.  It is a barely discernible blush.  I love it exactly for that reason.  It provides just the perfect hint of blush on the face.  It is easy to apply and goes on smoothly.  Ps 150 9That’s a good verse isn’t it? I live the way, the psalmist reiterated that last phrase.  “Praise the Lord”. Almost to say, I will start. Let it start with me, I will praise the Lord.  I will join with the psalmist and say Praise the Lord.   There are so many things to praise the Lord for, but I will praise Him because He is God. That makes Him worthy of my praise.  

What are a few of your favorite things during the month of April?  closing1brenda




42 responses to “APRIL FAVORITES”

  1. Spring is my favorite season too! Love the shoes! Those will definitely put a bit of spring in your step! We’re on the same wavelength…in my spring poem that I posted recently I mentioned that spring in my step too! Love watching everything come back to life and grow! Enjoy Spring!

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  2. Those are some killer orange shoes Brenda. They’re kicking! The price make them even more beautiful. Good ole Mac lipstick. Have not worn Mac in awhile and then found the remnant of one yesterday. Go figure. As for the weather, feels like it stepped out of winter straight into summer this year.

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  3. You have oh so tiny feet like mines! Lol I loved your entire attire! It looks springy lol! I’m loving does “makeup” ladies compact lolol its so unique! Trinidad needs to import that! I don’t have any April favs seeing that I don’t purchase clothes, makeup etc regularly but my fav moment was consuming caramel sundae at DQ with my bestie for her bday lol 😀

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  4. Yes, I loved the color of those shoes – loved the outfit as well. Oh My, that bag is different and cool – I like it. I’m also a Springee (if that’s a word), just hate it took so long to get here this year….but Spring is my favorite season of the year as well.

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  5. I was thinking that as I was commenting lol but no matter where we live it’s going to be something about the weather that we don’t like. It’s either too hot or too cold. Prone to hurricanes,tornadoes or earthquakes. I often joke and tell people that it’s a reason why God chose for me to live in a place that’s so humid….so that I would get my life right with him cause if I can’t deal with this earthly heat then I definitely won’t be able to deal with the eternal one 😂😂😂. God knows what he is doing!!!

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  6. I feel the exact same way you do…only about winter though!!! When the calendar says that it should be winter but I’m still wearing flip flops. I’m like where is the cold. Where I’m from its not only hot it’s humid. Springs out here is a scorcher!

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