cropped-prov3125.jpgCan you believe it? How quickly time has simply flown by?  Today’s post marks our 100th post!   Wow!! My prayer at the beginning of this journey was, “Lord, please let me be consistent, and please let Your Name be glorified in this.”  Almost two years later, we are here.  To God be the glory.  I have ‘met’ a few of the nicest people.  I know… I love your blogs. I wan to thank Gail from gaillovesgod and Labakes’s Blog God’s annointed Princess and Melange of Words.  They have nominated this blog for various awards.  Thank you, thank you.  Please check out their blogs, you will not regret it.  There are also a few other blogs I enjoy reading: Harotian Essentials, Stephanie over at All Things Bright and Beautiful and Savannah at Rejoicing in Hope.  I did all the work, you reap the benefits.  I compiled a few of the questions from the various award lists.rom 5 20

  1. Is the sun shining in your neighborhood today? 

 Nope, it is cloudy.  But I am thankful, because it isn’t snowing  

  1. What do you like to do on a sunny day?

I love sunny days; I enjoy walking, and sitting outside to read a book.  

  1. What language would you love to learn one day? 

I would love to speak French fluently  

  1. What is your favorite bible verse and what does it mean to you? 

 My favorite bible verses are Proverbs 31:30 because that’s the standard the Lord wants for me and I Thessalonians 5:14… because I am prone to be impatient with people.  

  1. What’s your favorite dessert?

My favorite, favorite dessert is red velvet cheesecake.  Hmmmm…the best dessert in the world!  

  1. Do you workout? If yes, what do you like to do?

I love working out! Running is my passion, but right now I am trying (again) Insanity.  (That’s an insane workout) 

  1. What are your top 3 ‘ride or die’ beauty products?

Mascara, foundation, eyeliner  

  1. What is your favorite season, and why?

I love autumn.  I love the temperature and the colors.  God’s colors are in full display; telling the world of His very existence!  

  1. Statement earrings or bold lipstick?

I roll with a bold lip, everything else is usually understated.  

  1. Where is your favorite place to visit?

My favorite place to visit is Camp of the Woods in the Adirondack in NY.  It is a Christian family resort camp, during the summer months, with the country’s top bible speakers. There are activities planned for the entire family, regardless of age.  We experience nature at its best.   

  1. Your biggest pet peeve?

Indecisive people (Lord save me!) and wrongly quoted scripture.  (I can’t stand it!). It’s like saying an untruth about a person.  Do the research! Read the Bible, is that too much to ask? It is God’s biography to us; His people.  Don’t just stick with a book talking about the Bible.  Read the Bible, saints of God!  

  1. Coffee or Tea?

Definitely a coffee person, but sometimes tea is good.post-milestone-100-2x

 Hi friends, my name is Brenda.  I accepted the Lord as Savior when I was about six years old. I love the Lord and I enjoy spending time with Him.  I love talking about His faithfulness and His love for us.  My sweet husband and I have been married for almost twenty four years.  We have two beautiful girls, which we homeschooled.  I have been enjoying? my natural hair  for almost eight years. I enjoy the outdoors, BUT I prefer the comfort of indoors. I have been blogging for almost two years.  Thank you for joining me on this journey called life.  I sincerely appreciate all of you, who have followed this blog and have left comments.  Thank you.  May the Lord bless you. 

What is your favorite dessert?