March is here.  The third month of the year has begun.  How are the goals for year coming along? What about the ‘word’ for the year? Are we in the process of ‘becoming’? I love the end of a month and the beginning of another.  It allows me to evaluate my life, to take stock of my walk with the Lord.  Truthfully, my relationship with other people in my life is a great indicator of my relationship with the Lord.  Personally, February was a better month than January.  Perhaps it was the sunshine, but I think it the intentional time spent with the Lord, talking with Him, leaving my mountains with Him a little bit more. Remembering that the Lord does a fabulous job of holding the universe together and that includes me.  I knew that if I allowed January to become February, then soon, I would settle into habits that would become my character.  Change had to take place! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness, He is swift to forgive and give new beginnings.


Dan 3 30Did I tell you I grew up in the church? I did! As part of our youth group, we were required to read through the Bible, numerous times.  I am familiar with the Bible, except of course for the Minor Prophets, like Joel, Obadiah, and Amos.  Can you recall any facts about these prophets? Perhaps I’ll get to these books, when I am finished with Daniel.  This verse stood out to me.  It’s a good one, right? The king promoted these three Hebrew boys.  He promoted them.  Why did he do that? Normally, people are promoted, when they have done something(s) to enhance a company or person.  In the case of these boys, they did quite the opposite. They refused to obey the king’s orders.  The king had ordered everyone in his kingdom pay obeisance to his image.  They refused to compromise their faith, yet the king promotes them. He should have killed them, but instead he promotes them. To find out why, read Daniel 3.  What would you do, if you were given these choices?

BEAUTY FAVORITES  IMG_3020img_3018.jpg

This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Sarafine. It is more of a cool lone red.  I really like this one, because it stays on for the entire day.  I had two meals with this lipstick and at the end of the day; I still had a tint of it on my lips.  This lipstick is beautifully pigmented, just one swipe from the applicator is all you need, (in fact it’s all you want). The downside is it transfers.  I can’t stand that.  Imagine drinking from a cup and leaving the evidence behind.  Nooo! But in spite of that, I love the creaminess, although it does dry into an almost matte finish. This lipstick was only $6.99 at Marshalls.   IMG_3017IMG_3016This Salvatore Ferragamo perfume is absolutely lovely, from the design of the bottle to the scent.  It is floral yet come with just a tinge of the woody scent, so that the floral isn’t overpowering. I like floral scents, but this perfume comes in its own class, because the smell is so unique and different. I love it.


IMG_3022This is a Swarovski bracelet that my sweetheart bought for me, a few years ago.  I liked it, but hardly found myself reaching for it, until I found this one at the thrift store.  IMG_3023Yep, at the thrift store! According to the case, it is 18 carat gold over sterling silver.  And it was just $7.99. It’s hard to believe, right? Now the two pair so beautifully together. img_3010.jpgI can out them on and take them off without any help, which is good.  They both have the perfect combination of the crystals with the gold.  They are too heavy, which makes them a comfortable pair. IMG_3030Our Lord has given us life to enjoy; to live, our happiness and joy, in Him, matters to Him.  We are privileged as Christians.  The Bible refers to us a ‘royal priesthood’ (I Peter 2:9).  He gives us permission to call Him ‘Abba’ (Romans 8:15). It is snowing today. Presently we have more than a foot (12 inches) of snow on the ground.  I choose to thank the Lord for the snow.  I choose to enjoy the snow.  We all have choices to make today, and the Word of God is clear on the path, we should choose.  Will we obey or will we compromise?

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have taken the time to follow the blog.  I am humbled by your comments and likes on the posts.  May the Lord be honored on this adventure.

Have a blessed day and remember: God’s love is unfailing, unwavering and unconditional!

30 responses to “FEBRUARY FAVORITES”

  1. Daniel is one of my favourite men in the Bible. He did not compromise and remained faithful to God, trusting Him completely. We named our first son after him. I follow Daniel’s food choices, he was a vegetarian, which is really based on Genesis 1:29 when God created us and designed the nutrients we need to live a healthy, compassionate life. 🙂


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  2. Your words are so beautiful and so encouraging! I love what you said about laying your mountain down and that He’s got the universe including me! God is bigger than all of us, all of our worries, and all of our problems. He’s got this and oh, how wonferful is His love!!!

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  3. We are “becoming”… I love to say it this way because it is such a beautiful reminder that no matter how many imperfections stand out in my character today, God is still in the process of refining me. 🙂 Love the jewelry. I’m all about quality for less. Stewardship comes in all forms! Have a good week!

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  4. Goals are kickin’. Getting a lot done! My word is “less”. Like less of me more of Him! Also going very well. I spent two years studying the book of Daniel. It was an amazing experience

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  5. So far my goals this year are coming along pretty good and as planned. The biggest goal I’ve set for myself this year is to become more financially stable and free and so far… that’s going well! Also, I like that Lipstick girl! That’s a pretty color first of all and seems like it would go with just about everything!

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