Yesterday, the sun was out, there was no snow on the ground. It was about 47° and it was a fantastic day, well except Tammy might not agree with me. She lives in Trinidad and the average temperature there is 80°.  While I was out running, I thought about Tammy.  I wondered what she would say about the fact that it is 47°.  But guess what Tammy? It’s a good day, because it’s February and anything above freezing makes my heart happy.IMG_2954(Check out her blog, you will regret it, if you do not).  I spoke to my parents yesterday.  They are presently enjoying 85° sunny weather in the beautiful island of St. Lucia (that’s in the Caribbean, side eye for those of you, who didn’t know that). But it was 47°in February, it was sunny and I thanked God.  How are you today? Are you eyes up? Are you looking towards the Author and Finisher of our faith? He gives us what we need, even if it’s not always what we want. Today is going to be a good day too.  It is going to be 54°, with a beautiful, bright sun.  And guess what? It’s February and we are above freezing.  Praise the Lord! In a few weeks, spring will be here and whether winter desires to stay, Spring will come.  February was a great month and I will share a few of God’s blessings with you.  For Valentine’s Day, my sweet hubby took us (Valentine’s Day Is usually a family affair) to Cheesecake Factory.  The food was delicious and I even had cheesecake (I don’t usually because I’m watching my weight). Then he bought this beautiful pair of Swarovski earrings. Are they not pretty? IMG_2994Love that man! After dinner and Swarovski, I just happened to pass by Loft. They were having a sale and 50% off their sale price.  Six (6) items for $12.00? Why, thank you.  Our cat, Jazz, thought she wanted to be an outdoor cat.  img_1518.jpgSo she decided, while we were bringing in groceries, to covertly go outside. Half hour later, we noticed she was missing.  Hubby and Anna, along with wonderful neighbors decided to look for her.  It was going to be about 22° that night, and we were afraid she would freeze to death, although hubby did reassure us, she wouldn’t.  We found her the next day, under the front porch.  I guess, she realized the grass isn’t greener on the other side.  Remember my beautiful watch, I talked about here? img_1644.jpgIt suddenly decided even after putting a new battery would not keep time. I brought it to Hannoush.  They are the best! They got that watch back in perfect working condition, and the best part was it was FREE!  The staff, there are the epitome of kindness, check out their store; we bought our daughter’s purity ring from there.  We also saw Black Panther.  IMG_0100Need I say more? If you do not make plans to see this movie, you will regret it. It was a great movie, the plot, the cast, the setting; perfect! Another movie, I highly recommend is “The Heart of Man”. We watched it on Netflix. It was such a profound movie.  The main theme weaved throughout this movie is the absolute, unconditional, unfailing love of God. Love it! IMG_0104

How was your February? What plans have you made for March?  Proverbs 4:23 Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.  Let us live this verse today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have taken the time to follow the blog.  I am humbled by your comments and likes on the posts.  May the Lord be honored on this adventure.

Have a blessed day and remember: God’s love is unfailing, unwavering and unconditional!