Five months have gone by, but there is still almost seven months before this year is complete.  The month of June has just started, and there are characteristics we will reinforce and behaviors, we will cement.  Now is a good time to look back and review the past five months.  Do we really want to continue with that habit that will inevitably become part of our character?  Undoing bad habits and perfecting good ones take time!  Let us be consistent and exercise self-control as we roll into June.


At the beginning of the year, I set a few goals, I want to achieve throughout the year. One was the ability to ride a bicycle, (I wrote the entire word that there would be no mistake with the type of transportation I am talking about).  I know you are thinking to yourself right now, ‘wow, there are people in the world, who cannot ride a bike?’  Yes, yes, there was one left…. me!  Well, I did it!  I actually rode a bike for the first time ever, on Saturday and I have proof! It was exhilarating crossing that goal off my list. I actually wrote it as a 2017 prayer request and started praying about it back in January.  Benny bought me this gorgeous bike  as a birthday present, at a yard and the deal was sealed.IMG_0735


IMG_0812(1)IMG_0819(1)For my birthday, the girls bought me skin care. I have absolutely loved these products.  I love to pamper my skin, especially as I get older and these products leave a luxurious feeling in my face. My routine usually begins with Sheseido wash.. I use just a pea size in the palm of my hand.  It lathers quickly and leaves my skin moisturized. I have very dry skin and every bit of moisture counts. The scent is heavenly; it has a clean smell and feels good on the skin.   I use it with Clairosonic Mia 2. Next I use an astringent to remove any remaining dirt.  Then I use the Elizabeth Arden Toner.  I have been using this toner for over a year now and have found it to be gentle and helps in replacing some of the moisture, the astringent removed.  The Shiseido moisturizer is great also, but it has an SPF 15, which is insufficient for me.  In spite of this I absolutely love the luxurious feeling  it leaves on my skin.  I use an additional moisturizer, which has SPF 50, because I also suffer from sun spot and I need the added protection from the sun.  The charcoal sheet masks is a must have for me.  It temporarily closes up my pores and leaves my skin looking fresh and smooth.  I love it! IMG_0815(1)The night time cream has helped in clearing the dark spots caused by the sun, but can also cause some dryness to the skin, but I will continue to use it because I love the results.


img_0429img_0364Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s new book Adorned is a must read. I was given this book by a dear friend and mentor and because I partner with Revive Our Hearts, I also have an extra copy of this book. It is one of the few books, I have read that has captured my attention from the very first chapter. That first chapter is entitled, A Woman Adorned and Adorning and addresses the fact that we need each other. People need people! I am a loner, I enjoy being by myself and most of my favorite activities can be done by myself. Give me a good book and I am quite content.   A few years ago, I was not in a good place.  My best friend (Benny) was out of town a lot and adult conversations was becoming a lost art. I realized then that I needed people!  I needed the sound of their voices.  We are leaving a legacy, we are patterning our lives by a people standard and there are others we think of as friends.  What do these groups say about us?

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