In order to ‘grow in grace and in the knowledge of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ’ (II Peter 3:18), I need to abide by the standards the Lord Jesus Christ has set for me.  Proverbs 31:12 says, She does him good and not evil all the day of her life.  She does him GOOD, ALL THE DAYS OF HER LIFE!  How many times have we said something to, or about, our spouse that has not been ‘good’?  How many times have we done something that has not been edifying to him?  Perhaps we have not done or said anything ‘evil’, but are we actively doing ‘good’?  She does him good…implies an active, consistent planning and doing ‘good’.  It means looking out for his best interest, honoring and submitting to his authority (when it does not contradict God’s Word).  It is helping him to look good to others, by not telling of all his faults.  It is seeking to bring him honor, letting him know I am thinking and praying for him.

‘All the days of HER life’, not all the days of his life. Even after his death she continues to do him good.  As a wife, she is associated with her husband. She is known as Mrs. So & So.  People who know her, more than likely know her husband also. Her husband has left footprints in the sand.  If he was a godly man, she continues to carry on that mantle. If he was an unrighteous man, still she says nor does anything that will in any way cast a bad light on his image. Proverbs 14:1 The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands. Even after his death, she either continues to sing his praises or she says nothing at all.  She will do him good, implies she is proactive in her service to her husband. She looks for ways to do ‘good’ to and for him.   She gets to know him; she tries to anticipate his needs.  She thinks of ways to demonstrate her faithfulness to the Lord, by being of service to him. In some ways, this isn’t about him at all. Rather it is an opportunity to grow in grace, an opportunity to become a virtuous woman.

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