Proverbs 31:10  “Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies”.  Is it possible to become a virtuous woman?  Becoming a virtuous woman is certainly attainable. But perhaps the question should be…do I want to become a virtuous woman?   A virtuous or noble woman is rare, she is hard to find not because that goal is unachievable, but rather she has to ‘put off’ some things and ‘put on’ others. She has to put on righteousness and true holiness (Ephesians 4:22-24). In order to become a virtuous woman, knowledge of and obedience to the Word of God is not optional. The Strongs Concordance uses words such as strength, and valiant among others to describe the word virtuous: therefore a strong, noble, capable woman.  But first, in order to desire that distinction, our relationship with our Heavenly Father must take top priority. That is not negotiable. Without that relationship, every desire to be more, to be better, is temporary. This capable, virtuous woman is far more precious than rubies. “She is worth more than jewels”. The term ‘virtuous’ invokes the image of the character.  It takes commitment; it takes submission to God’s Word.  It starts with living an intentional holy lifestyle. Her worth exceeds even that of rubies. Precious jewels are quite costly, but the rarity of rubies makes it almost priceless.  You are worth more than these.  You are so valuable that the Great Creator sent His One and Only Son to redeem you.  Remember, beliefs shape thinking, thoughts shape actions, actions become character.IMG_0976

As we travel this journey, the questions are: do I want to be a virtuous woman? What changes must I make in my life in order to be a virtuous woman? Am I willing to make these changes? There is a song by Eddie Espinosa that goes something like this: “🎤Change my heart, oh God, make it ever true, change my heart Oh God, may I be like You.”  Make this song your prayer also and be prepared for a new and improved identity.

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