Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Our winter has been unusually mild, lately.  Today’s high temperature is almost 40° and this is mid-January.  Usually, January and February are the coldest and snowiest months and here we are; the next seven days have been forecasted with above freezing temperatures. The weather has always been a topic in my neck of the woods because of its diversity.  Right now, most people can’t decide whether this is good or bad.  We like normal and this… this certainly isn’t normal.  

Normalcy, comfortable, same; these are my happy place.  Change gives me anxiety because change reminds me that I have so little control over so little in my life. I have to remind myself that this is a good thing. It is good to let go; to surrender willingly and voluntarily to the Lord. I do that, when I trust Him. I trust Him when I know Him, I know Him when I spend time in His Word. There He tells me about Himself and there He tells me who I am and the person He desires me to become.

I’ve started a study on the women of the Bible.  I wanted to delve a bit into the minds of the women, to understand why they did what they did.  Sometimes, people of the Bible can be seen as almost supernatural characters, doing, and accomplishing the impossible, when in reality, they are real people, just like you and me.  Just like us, they served an impossible God, through them He did the impossible and improbable.  Like us they sinned and suffered the consequences and like us they obeyed and accomplished great things, but they remained real people.  They had desires and needs like us, they cried and worshipped like us, they laughed and stood in awe of God’s greatness same as we do.  

I do believe we are in a better position though.  We have the beginning, and we have the end of the story.  The Word of God is complete in its telling of all the knowledge we need to have to live godly and peaceably.  King Solomon reminds us that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9) and truly there isn’t anything new.  There is no new sin being committed today, that hasn’t already been committed in the past, the consequence of sin remains the same according to Romans 6:23 and Genesis 2:17.  Just like in the past, people will twist the Word of God to accomplish their goals, but also like in the past, the Word of God will be preached to draw others to the God of the Universe.   

We are privileged to live in this time, yes sin abounds, but grace abounds so much more.   We do not live in ignorance; we know the truth.  There is no excuse when we are ignorant of the Word of God.  To some extent we’ve become lazy Christians.  We want to be told what the Bible says rather than finding out for ourselves.  Our Heavenly Father speaks; His Word is His primary method; His Spirit helps with our understanding and gives the wisdom necessary to ‘hear’ and obey. 

Read the Bible friends, get to know your God.  Spend time with the Savior and know the Truth for yourself.   Do not be content with simply ‘being told’.  How do you know what I say is truth? Read the Bible; God’s Word is truth.  Truthfully, it’s the only truth that can be trusted today.  Read your Bible for yourself, through prayer seek wisdom and understanding for yourself.  Use a trusted Bible commentary and take the time necessary to know that you know that you know for yourself.  I can assure you on that day, when we stand before the Holy and Righteous Judge, we will have no excuse for our lack of knowledge.  

What period of time, do you wish you lived? 

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15 responses to “TO KNOW THAT YOU KNOW…”

  1. I know you miss having big blizzards but winter is not over yet so there is still hope 🙂
    We do have so much more revelation than the people we read about in the bible. For those people we read about, for the most part, we know so little about the ins and outs of their daily lives. They are a source of inspiration. I find it encouraging to read Hebrews 11 and see how people from the Old Testament who blew it at times are recorded as example of faith.

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  2. There is nothing like reading the Bible and knowing God. I like the time period we live although period dramas make it seem so awesome to live in that time period, but I do not think I can live without indoor plumbing, shower and deodorants.

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    • 😂😂not me, my grandfather had outdoor plumbing, I detested our visits as a child 😂😂 my brother always complained if I needed to outside during the night because I was so scared 😱 I admit I am a creature of comfort.😂😂 knowledge of our God brings truth

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  3. My Sister, you have once again put Godly wisdom in front of me. I have been in a place that lumps me in with ‘lazy Christians.’ And the fault is mine entirely!! As you say, we won’t have (nor do we now have) any excuse for our lack of knowledge of God’s Word.

    Prayer, reading the Word, and pondering (meditating on) the Word and getting to know God must be our first priority.

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  4. “I do believe we are in a better position though. We have the beginning, and we have the end of the story.” I never thought of it that way, and it is so true!! It feels so comforting to know the whole story, at least to me. Well, I’m happy where I am now, so I don’t wish I lived in any other time period. Although, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the late 90’s, because I was a teen and there were many fun sleepovers and good times that you just can’t replicate as an adult🥰

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