Hey friends, how are you today? Happy July 1st, my friends, we are officially into the second half of 2022. In our neck of the woods and in most of the US, summer literally has us in her grip and I am thankful.  Though I don’t like to be very hot, I do prefer the heat to the frigid, cold of winter.  Today promises to be another heat scorcher with sweltering temperature above 90°. I am unable to complain because I’ve heard of temperatures well into the 100° for parts of the country.  

Ah the joy of summer! I absolutely love it, the birds, the butterflies, the blues skies with late sunsets.  Summer encourages slow movements and jazz festivals.  Up here in the northeast, summer warns us to appreciate each day because we know too soon winter will be on her way.  We’ve learned to appreciate each day with its humidity and heat (although we do complain about the heat) because each day leads us closer and closer to that love/hate relationship we have with winter.  What has been the temperature in your neck of the woods? 

Summer tells me to store happy memories of walks and hikes and waterfalls, of family vacations and visits to new places. Berry picking patches filled with strawberries and blueberries for jams and overindulgence is a must, during this time of the year.  And of course, our kitchen garden which is well tended by the daughters of the house because healthy eating has become their mantra is certainly compulsory during the summer.  

Summertime tells me to forgive and don’t hold onto grudges.  It profits me nothing and usually cost too much.  Summer demands that I welcome strangers and friends into my circle.  She calls me to love people, even the intentionally mean ones.  I am reminded more so during this time of the year of the absolute, unfailing, unconditionally, and unwavering love the God of the Universe has for me.  To love God is to love His people and more so during this time of the year I have to practice this, because more people are outside.

What do you enjoy most during this time of the year? What are you most thankful for? How are you doing?

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32 responses to “SUMMER TIME LOVES”

  1. We’ve had a decent amount of rain this summer so most of the greenery has remained lush. Also love the fireflies at night! When it’s not too hot or humid, I love to begin the day with God out on our deck. After 40 years in FL I’m delighted to live in an area with four distinct seasons. There’s MUCH to celebrate as we cycle through each one!

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  2. Summer on the East Coast is pretty great as well- between warm days, scorching days, and rainy days, we’re kept on our toes and reminded to take advantage of the present because the next moment is unpredictable. I have similar sentiments about Summer, and even moreso this Summer, I have been reminded to love and be loved. Laugh, slow down, hurry, create, unravel- most importantly to just be and to be aware of the enemy’s plans to distract me from being. Thank you for sharing your words and pictures. Praise God for another wonderful Summer!

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  3. Here the temperature is running around 99 with a heat index of 112. Which makes me so thankful the the best part of summer—our camps, one of which was last week with great weather, thank you Lord.

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  4. I climbed a mulberry tree this week. I collected a bucketful of the berries, and that doesn’t include the many that went straight into my mouth. My hands were stained purple, and I had a great time. (The tree belongs to a family of 8 kids, and five of them were in the tree with me.) I made mini mulberry pies today. 😁
    I love summer!

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  5. Green! (Fortunately I’m not one to suffer hay fever) Everything is green– a hundred shades of green from the Blue Spruce in our front yard, to the tall maples and oaks, even the giant cottonwood trees with their pesky floating cotton-like seeds. The firmament indeed shows His handiwork!

    And there’s nothing to compare with a summer rainstorm — ‘My Lord, He calls me; He calls me by the thunder; the Trumpet sounds within my soul! I ain’t got long to stay here.”

    Even so, Come Lord Jesus!! AMEN!!

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