Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? Our weekend was a tad bit chilly, we even had hail on Saturday and on Sunday in our neck of the woods.  But as a dear friend reminded me, “April showers bring May flowers” and I love flowers, especially the fresh kind.  That’s the beauty of spring, it brings to life an array of flowering plants that will eventually grace my coffee table. Do you like fresh flowers? 

When I was younger, I believed the Lord got quite a prize when He got me.  That’s funny, yes, I know that now, but back then I did a lot of comparisons.  I had the habit of comparing myself with others, as if they set the standard, I did not realize how low I had set that bar.  Blame it on my youthfulness at the time and seemingly in my mind at least, church seemed to contain a lot of dos and don’ts.  ‘Do this; don’t do that‘ that’s all it seemed my life contained at the time.  Rules to follow and I was a good rule follower.  I did not like to get into trouble because that way leadeth to pain and I did not, still do not like pain, ergo I followed the rules.  

At least to the untrained eye, I followed the rules.  As I got older, I found out how not to get into trouble when I broke the rules, but I still thought I was ‘good’ because I did not get Into trouble. Outwardly, I followed the rules, so I thought the Lord got quite a prize when He got me.  Conceited much, Brenda? 

Self-righteousness is a sin of pride, is it not? And the sad part about pride and is that it is rarely seen by the prideful one.  Usually it takes quite the fall, for the prideful one to realize the value they placed on their own worth is far less than the value the Lord placed on one single life…  Sometimes I hear young Christians speak (young both in age and in the depth of their Christian life) and I know that way leads to pain.  Another sad part Is that it’s hard for prideful people to hear about their pride.  But we serve a gracious and good God, He will not leave us there.  

I understand better now the value I placed on own my life is mere pennies compared to the worth my Heavenly Father gave to me.  He thought me even more valuable than my mind ever conceived even when I believed He got a prize.  See I missed the big picture, I still thought small when I compared myself to others.  The standard is the God of the universe and when I compared myself against His… well… needless to say, I had to bow out.  I realized then that He, this Amazing, Glorious, Wonderful God of the universe did consider me a prize (yes indeed He did) but I am merely one of His many Prizes thankfully.    Yes, when I got off my high horse, I understood better that my Faithful, Beautiful God considers all His created people precious and prize worthy.  That’s why He did it.  It is because He thinks we are worth it.  

Have you ever thought about it? Are you worth it? I know instinctively we want to say ‘yes’, but are we really? Am I? Sometimes I wonder… it’s so easy to enjoy salvation while forgetting the cost.  A while ago I watched a clip of the ‘Passion of the Christ’, just the crucifixion bit, and while watching, I could not help but ask the Lord that question.  Was I worth it, Lord? Forget the ‘whole world’ (John 3:16) was I; ME; was I worth it? Sometimes, I don’t know…

I don’t know if I’m worth the betrayal of a friend

I don’t know if I’m worth the denial of another.

Am I worth the jeering and shaming of the crowd?

Am I worth it? Are you?

I don’t know if I’m worth the ‘guilty’ verdict passed by the very people, who came for healing and to be fed.

I just don’t know…

Am I worth the load of the cross on a back that is already bruised and battered from an undeserved and unprovoked beating?

Am I worth the indignity of the mockery of the solders?

Am I worth it? Are you? 

I just don’t know…

Am the worth the nails?

Am I worth the horror of the cross? 

Did I deserve the death of this MAN?

Am I? Are you? 

I know better now that my God considers me more valuable than I ever thought myself to be, back then in my youth.  He thought me so valuable thatHe sent His Precious, only Son, to take my place at death’s door.  He paid my debt to buy back my life because He thought me such a prize.  May I be this prize in my daily living that He says I am.  The cost of my salvation was too great, that I should live my life carelessly.   

How about you? Do you know the Lord says you are valuable? 

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33 responses to “SO YOU THINK YOU’RE A PRIZE…”

  1. Oh, the temptation to compare ourselves to others! But we have only to remember that Christ is the measuring stick, and I fall far short. Yet, I am made worthy, through His blood, because He saw my potential and considered my ends worth His means. So much to be thankful for.

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  2. Great reflection Brenda…the words pride and comparison are fresh on my mind as our last few weeks of youth group have literally been on those two words for our topic study (along with gossip)
    In small group our little junior high girls told the other leader and I that they don’t struggle with these things, especially comparison🤦‍♀️oh boy often times we’re naive (I get it as I’ve learned the hard way too) BUT thank goodness our God offers mercy and grace when we come to our senses seeking forgiveness and a right path.

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  3. That so described how I used to be. I was raised in a very legalistic church – and I was a rule follower so I looked so good. It was humbling when God revealed to me my self-righteousness and I saw that the only people he condemned and even called names was the self-righteous religious leaders. I am so thankful He humbled me – and now I know I am valuable – not because I am good but because His love has dressed me in His righeousness.

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  4. God knows what He’s doing and why He did it! He knew there was no other way to redeem us, a fallen race. Human beings are valuable to Him and it’s called AMAZING GRACE!!! I thank God He loves us that much!!! ❤️

    Oh, how He loves you and me!!!

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  5. Two thoughts, one funny, one serious. My former pastor recommended his last book, “The 10 Most Humble People in the World (And How I Taught the Other Nine)”. 😂
    On the serious side, God made us, and He doesn’t make junk.
    “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  6. “The standard of God is the universe.” This definitely puts things in proper perspective. Sometimes, I get down on myself and think I can no longer do what God wants me to. Perhaps this is a type of pride too? Thank you for this post.

    PS. Do you realize there are ads for horoscopes and tarot card readings coming up with your post?

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  7. Brenda, you have no idea how much I identify with that second paragraph. Eeks! It’s embarrassing to admit. But I’m so thankful God won’t let me stay in my pride. I’m thankful I’m not in the same place I was 10 years ago, and I’m thankful I won’t still be in this same place 10 years from now. God is so kind and patient, and always faithful to keep opening my eyes. Thank you for this post. I enjoyed and appreciated it. 🙂

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  8. You’re worth it. I’m worth it. So is everyone He died for; because He said so.
    “May I be this prize in my daily living that He says I am.” By His grace, we have this humble desire.

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