10 Valentine’s Day IDEAS

Hey friends, how are you today? Lately, we have had the best weather for this time of year.  Very little sunshine but our temperatures have been in the 40(s)° and I absolutely love it.  And today, the high is a fabulous 47°, how I pray that this signals spring is in the air.  It’s ok though, if it’s not; spring is March 20th this year, which is just just about five weeks away.  I will wait and while I wait, I will be thankful for today.  

I love Valentine’s Day, probably because usually my sweetheart makes it special.   My love language is ‘gift receiving’ (did I say that right?) I know there is gift giving, but I do rather enjoy receiving gifts. It makes me happy and thankfully my hubby knows that. 

We’ve been together awhile.  Although we were married in July, it was February 13th, two years before that he asked me to be his future wife (of course he will not choose the actual day because he has to be different).  I said ‘yes’ and have been blessed ever since. The Lord has surely been good to me. He has grown me and has drawn me closer through this relationship for which I am very thankful.  Oh, the stories I could tell…but that will have to wait for another day.  

Here are a few Valentines Day ideas 

  • Cook dinner together. For the spouse who isn’t very familiar with the stove, go for something simple. Can’t go wrong with a Baked Ziti and a house salad.  It’s easy and delicious.  
  • Take a short drive together.  Sunsets are the absolute best for a drive. Go to a place that is familiar and somewhere you enjoy. A place with a view of the Lord’s handiwork will do the trick.
  • Take a walk together. In my neck of the woods, our grounds are covered with feet of snow; snow boots and fleece lined coats is a necessity. Maybe take up ski lessons together. Take a camera and have fun.
  • Learn something new together. Last month I began a photography class, after each class I give my husband a complete run down of everything I learnt while there.  Most of the information I’ve gathered so far, he already knows. But it’s still fun sharing that knowledge.  
  • Give a gift of flowers, cards and whatever token that will bring comfort or a smile to that significant other or friend.  If you are apart on that day, call with the intent to just listen.
  • Our most valuable asset is time, so spend time with each other.  Talk, play a game, complete that 1000 or 5000 (if you’re brave enough) piece puzzle. 
  • Have an at home spa day of go to a spa together.  Get a message, have a facial, clean or polish the nails.  Give a hand or foot massage.  
  • Order in or go out for dinner.  The goal is to just enjoy the company of each other. Relive the ‘good ‘ole days’ and the ‘remember whens’.  Love days like these and I have found that even the girls want to know what life was like when they were babies.  
  • Do dinner and a movie. I love doomsdays movies and Halle Berry stars in this new one called Moonfall.  I absolutely loved although it was a bit fantastical.  We watched it in 4DX (I didn’t know that was a thing) which made an experience out of this event.  
  • Read a book together. A new book from the Bible is a great suggestion, perhaps Titus or Timothy or Song of Solomon if you wish. Perhaps because February is also Black History Month, you would like to read a historical book or a book by a black author. 

Let me know whether you used any of these suggestions. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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35 responses to “10 Valentine’s Day IDEAS”

  1. Married 34 years in May & we are retired, so we are blessed to spend time together. It’s been a week of loss, so we almost forgot about it…and then we both laughed, which was good for the soul. Started the day with a lively discussion about ch 10 in the Book of Acts. Love doing Bible study together! We ended up grabbing a bite to eat (oh, my! Have we become that old couple that eats at Bob Evans in the late afternoon to avoid the crowds?! Haha! I think yesterday proves it!) But then we discovered the local At Home store and had a delightful time wandering the aisles and talking possibilities and future projects. Curled up on the couch together later to watch a movie. Not flashy, but a perfect kinda day, nevertheless. Here’s to love!

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  2. I had to laugh when I saw your post because I actually intended to write about “love” today and instead I got distracted and wrote about nature worship. 🤣 But I love your post and these ideas. I hope you get lots of gifts! My husband is not a gift giver . Oh well, I buy my own !

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  3. We don’t have any plans yet. We’ve been married 26 years, which is a good thing. But often we don’t celebrate as much as we used to. …although we both like vacations so we do those up right 😊 Happy Valentines day!!

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  4. Great ideas. I already made my bride’s card and have learned how to put in into pdf so it’s easy for FedEx’s to handle.
    Had to search for 4dx movies to find out what that is. The Creation Museum has used a couple of special effects like this since opening, but of course, not on this scale… yet. 😉
    And MOONFALL is our kind of movie! It’ll be great when it comes to DVD as Anita and I still don’t go out to crowds (kind of enjoying volume control more than avoiding viruses 😊).
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  5. Although I have always been a snowboarder we will be heading up for me to learn to ski, taught by my husband. We are going night skiing. So it should be full of lots of laughs, and some romantic gestures. I am very nervous, yet excited! Valentines Day is not a day we go way out, but we do recognize it. It hard because my birthday is only separated by the day by 3 days. We do exchange some romantic gifts as well. Enjoy your time with your hubby ❤️

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