Hey friends, how are you today? How are you really? How goes your day? We finally have a snow or precipitation free day, although the sun is still in hiding.  Our winter has been rather unusual.  The coldest and snowiest months are January and February and although lately, we have been bitterly cold, tomorrow our temperature is scheduled to be 40° with rain.  And this has been the trend for the winter season so far; cold and coldest.  I am still flabbergasted by this strange phenomenon.  

I like sameness, don’t you? I like continuity.  I like to know what’s coming up next, I like predictability. I’ve never enjoyed surprises of any kind, whether good or bad.  Once and only once, my husband planned a surprise birthday party for me, and I literally wanted to run away.  Thankfully he noticed my discomfort throughout that party, and it was never repeated.  

I grew up in a household that lacked sameness, perhaps I try to make up for that now that I am an adult.  Children need that certainty; to some extent, it provides comfort and stability.  Some days I find myself feeling like a child again, when seemingly, it feels like my ground is quaking.  Recently, myself and the ladies at my church saw a Revive Our Heart (ROH) series called GROUNDED.  The idea behind the series is to remain unmoved while the world quakes and shakes around us, as Christians.  

How do I remain grounded when seemingly my world is spinning out of control? 

Troubles, trials, tribulations are inevitable, we have been warned. There are times when it feels as if the rug was pulled out from under out feet.  Indeed, yet we have been called to remained grounded.  There are several reasons why I may feel the quakes beneath my feet. 

It can be because I’m standing on shifting sand.  The views and beliefs I have about God and myself are faulty and inaccurate. I have listened to lies and have allowed myself to be deceived.  The lies have taken root because I have failed to make the Word of God, where ultimate truths lie, my standard.  

It can also be because although I know the truths, I have taken my eyes off the Lord and placed them on the waves.  I have allowed myself to focus solely on the problem until I am overwhelmed, and my steps begin to falter.  Yes, during those times, I can feel the quakes.  

Or perhaps it is because I don’t trust the God of the Universe. I know, I know, we would never say that to ourselves, but when my ground shakes, it is usually because I don’t trust the Lord to handle my trials, tribulations, and troubles.  My mouth says the right words but my desire to control the outcome speaks louder.  

That thirst for sameness, continuity, predictability prevents the necessity of surrender.  The desire to control halts my need to yield to my Savior. Oswald Chambers says in this quote: ‘Certainty is the mark of commonsense life; gracious uncertainty is the mark of the spiritual life’. 

We are certain that troubles, tribulations, and trials will always be in this life.  But we too can be certain that we can remained grounded in this uncertain world.  We remain grounded when the Word of Bible becomes our standard for truth. We line up everything against the Bible; if the Lord did not say it, it isn’t true. Did you know that most ‘self-help gurus’ quote scripture, yes, friends, the Lord said it first. 

Any control I think I have is only an illusion.  I cannot control anything or anyone outside of me.  Very disappointing, I know… but we’ve only been given the choice to control our own actions.  We don’t even have the choice to choose the consequences of said actions.  Therefore, we choose to surrender and say as countless others have done before, ‘let it be done to me, according to Thy will’.  

We keep our eyes on Jesus.  He is unshakeable, unmovable.  He loves me completely. He will withhold nothing good from me.  When I stand in Him, when I find rest in His arms, then I remain grounded, in spite of my quaking world.  

You see, He is my Anchor, He is my Source of strength.  He will hold me; He will guide me.  In His arms is where I will be when circumstances may cause a temporary shift under my feet.  After that initial movement, I will run to my God and find comfort in His arms.

How are you doing today? 

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  1. You know I can relate!!

    Such truth in these words here: “That thirst for sameness, continuity, predictability prevents the necessity of surrender. The desire to control halts my need to yield to my Savior.”

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  2. You are right, Brenda: Sometimes I don’t trust the God of the universe. Worrisome thoughts and playing out scenarios in my head how to fix the situation are both clues to my distrust. How much better to surrender to the all-powerful, all-wise King of the universe, saying, “Let it be done to me, according to Thy will!” Thank you for the timely reminder!

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  3. Brenda, we all sure do struggle with wishing we had more control over our lives. “Sameness” seems safer to me, but God likes to mix it up a little I’ve found. He sure does know what’s best for us. In that, I am confident.

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  4. A friend on a mission field overseas once told me, “It’s not that hard to live hand to mouth… as long as it is HIS hand and my mouth!” Reminds me of the old gospel song, “Many things about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand, but I know WHO holds tomorrow, and I know He holds my hand.”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  5. Oh, Brenda! You really hit some sensitive nails with this one – reasons why I might be quaking. Excellent.
    The hymn, ‘We Have an Anchor’ kept running through my head as I read your post. The refrain:
    We have an anchor that keeps the soul
    steadfast and sure while the billows roll;
    fastened to the Rock which cannot move,
    grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love!

    Thank you, my dear sister, for always shining God’s Truth!

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  6. You’re correct, Brenda. Most children thrive on sameness. It keeps their teachers and other caregivers sane as well!😂 Big people need routines too. It’s funny, but the older I get the more I appreciate routine–knowing what to expect. I used to be a bit more spontaneous, but now I just set my alarm for the next morning and stick with the plan. Blessings!

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  7. Excited starting my new job, also have those darn butterflies. Trusting God in this whole day! For He opened the doors wide for this one! Closing the last chapter with Him holding the pen. Excited to see what this next chapter brings. I can see it titled, “Trust and Perseverance”. Praying my body holds up on its end of the bargain. God will see me through! Blessings 🥰☺️

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