Hey friends, how are you? How was your weekend? Its a cold day in my neck of the woods, but still with thankfulness, I can say …

We are now just a little over five weeks before the new year begins; can you believe it? Soon, 2020 will be in the rear-view mirror, but before we come to the end, we do still have almost six weeks to go.  What shall we do with those weeks? Shall we pretend they don’t exist and wait for a new year? Maybe we should bear it, with long-suffering? I have a better idea, why don’t we choose instead to ‘live life abundantly’? Isn’t that better? 2020 will go down in history, the kids of the future will read about this year with everything that made the year stand apart.  And the beauty of it is this; we are part of this history, we are actually in the midst of a historical year, isn’t that great? 

I am an introvert, I said that here, but I’m also an optimistic person.  I have the tendency to see the glass half full, much to the disgust of a few people.  I very rarely wallow in self-pity for long, although there are days when I do.   People rarely disappoint me, I suppose when one expects little from others, any good is good, right? One of my favorite aunts once told me that she suspects I have been given the gift of discernment.  Although at the time I had no idea what she meant by that word, I was able to distinguish or judge the character of most people, by just being in their company.  At the time, most people fell into two boxes: good and bad.  I realize today that rather than label people ‘good’ or ‘bad’, most people fall under genuine or truthful or not. 

Most of us put on a persona to some extent, but some people are just untruthful in everything they say and do.  When I was younger, because I didn’t understand what about these people freaked me out, I just chose to stay away from them altogether.  For most of my formative years, I lived a life of God and me.  I had friends and family, but most lived on the fringe of my life because none could be trusted, except God, alone.  To some extent this gift, because I did not understand its intent, caused me to dislike people and keep them at arm’s length.   

I began to judge people and found them wanting; honey chile… it’s not hard when you’re looking to find deceit in the human population; not hard at all, but the true deceit lies in thinking you are better than they are and that’s what took the Lord a few years to teach me.  

People are people, are people, are people, and God loves people.  Every single person is loved by God and the truth is, none of us are truthful by nature, yet we are loved with an unfailing, unwavering, unconditional love.  As Christians, we are blessed to be supplied with that special gift that bonds us in the family of God.  We are not more special than another, just different and therein lies true beauty; the ability to build up and encourage and push others to keep their eyes on the Savior by doing exactly what we’ve be called to do.  We’ve been tasked to be ‘others’ minded; to love others, to be kind to others, to pray for others.  We may not all have the exact beliefs in all things, we may not all look alike or speak alike or live in alike environments, but because we serve the same God, we are a part of His wonderful family.  

As the year comes to an end, let’s choose to add some optimism to our lives and believe that the God of the universe has the world and all that lies in it, in the Palm of His hand and He is more than capable of keeping what is His.  

Look up, chile, look up… your redemption draws closer every day.  How are you doing? 

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27 responses to “TRUE DECEIT”

  1. Thank you for your like on my post: Bad Times Really Do End. Your posts are very true and encouraging. There is so much extremist talk today and it seems like every side is talking but very few are really listening. You are so right, because we are Christians doesn’t mean we are better than anyone else. We are different. We are set apart by God. We have different opinions on the issues that affect both liberals and conservatives and we frame our opinions according to our understanding of God’s Word and our church teachings. Liberals that have rejected God frame their opinions on feelings and emotions. They are loving and caring people, just as we are loving and caring people. Maybe if we all step back and realize that our shared viewpoint of love and care may be the only way to empathize with each other and know that in the end, we are really all the same. We are all searching to find a way to demonstrate our love for one another.

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  2. Wow! True deceit lies in thinking we are better than others. What a needed perspective. It’s so interesting – sometimes I start by judging myself and end up judging others. But you are right. When we learn to be true to ourselves, we learn to appreciate when others do the same.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your heart! It’s so hard to trust people when you know how deceitful we all can be, even believers. But I will join you in being hopeful and trusting God with this day and the next few months. I feel like we still haven’t seen the end of the bad things that are planned by Satan’s earthly evil-doers, but I know my KING is in control! ❤ I will serve Him while his plans are carried out!


  4. Yes I agree! Let’s make the most of the rest of 2020! Just because a new year starts, doesn’t mean life magically changes. So live each day to the fullest! …and I say, bring on Thanksgiving and put up those Christmas lights! 🦃🙏🏻🎄❄

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  5. “We are not more special than another, just different and therein lies true beauty; the ability to build up and encourage and push others to keep their eyes on the Savior by doing exactly what we’ve be called to do.”
    I like the way you describe the church, doing what God designed us to do with our gifts.

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  6. Beautiful! Thank you Brenda for sharing. This is something I have struggled with too. I want to live with an attitude of grace and an outpouring of His love and Truth. I am a sinner saved by grace and in constant need of Him!

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  7. 😄 You are definitely an optimist to write, “And the beauty of it is this; we are part of this history, we are actually in the midst of a historical year, isn’t that great?”
    You make a good point: none of us is without deceit, yet we are called to love one another. Ah, the infinite extent of God’s grace! Not only does He have the grace to love and accept me, but He gives grace for me to love and accept others.
    As always, thank you for your wise words, your message from God.

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