Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? We’re on vacation with the girls and the goal is to just have fun and enjoy each moment.  Both girls will be leaving in a few weeks and although we have spent time together, primarily due to COVID’19, we feel as if we’ve not really spent time with each other, I’m sure you know what I mean.  It’s quite beautiful here; the sun is out, the skies are clear, and we can rest assured that God has not abdicated the throne, in spite of what the circumstances around may say.

How absolutely fleeting life is, isn’t it? It’s especially difficult, in times like these, because most of us cannot be with friends and loved ones.  Here today, gone tomorrow and although we know that death isn’t exactly a ‘death sentence’, death can certainly feel like it.  Just in the past two weeks alone, death has knocked at the door of two young people from our church.  I have found that due to the sudden deaths around me, I want to hold my babies tighter. I want to make every moment count with them.  I want to make memories that will last a lifetime and provide every opportunity to enjoy life’s pleasures and experience.  Of course, I know that everlasting life begins after death and that like Paul says, ‘to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord’, which definitely brings comfort.  

I enjoy my friend, Jesusluvesall music Mondays, because I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a song for every moment.  And recently this song, ‘What’s the matter with the world?’ by Lou Rawls, comes to mind.  Of course, I only know just a few lines: ‘What’s the matter with the world, has the world gone mad?   Ain’t nothing wrong with the world, just the people that’s in it; You and me, we’re in it’.  Good song, isn’t it? And so perfect for the times in which we live. Google for the rest of the words, if you want to hear the song. It’s quite good.  

 I heard recently that there is an increase in crimes in all the major cities in our nation.  We’ve become impatient with each other. Compassion and pity have become rare, isn’t that sad? Gentleness and meekness are generally non existent. Perhaps it’s due to COVID’19 with its side effects of social distancing and stay at home orders.  

The fabric of the belief that ‘people are generally ’good’ is unraveling and not even a little at a time. The idea that we are innately good people should now be annihilated. We are not good people, friends.  Here is a secret, not even Christians are ‘good’ people.  I know, I know… absolutely shocking, but true.  We are not good people.  As Christians, the apostle Paul reminds us in Romans 7, of the struggle he endures as he attempts to do good. There is a battle going on, but we know the end of the story.  We know that success belongs to our God.  No, innately we are not good people, but because of the price our Savior paid for our salvation, through Him and because of Him, we can do good.  Not on our own, but because of the work of our Lord.  

Today, the world needs us, as Christians, to stand.  We need to stand for what we know to be true.  The Bible is true and everything else is optional.  God’s Word is the standard, not my personal likes and dislikes.  We stand on the premises of the Word of God and we do not negotiate, nor do we pick and choose what we will apply to our lives and to our circumstances. As Christians our behavioral choices are limited. The Bible has given us explicit rules of the treatment of other people.  Others matter to God.  People matter to God.  Christians are unique and are a peculiar people because we are saved by grace and because of that grace, there is ‘work’ to be done.  We are not special because of what we’ve done, but rather, because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross.  God loves people and as Christians, we cannot do any less.  Let’s keep an eye on the attitude. Let’s not neglect people, let’s choose to represent the Lord well, because the world needs that.  Let’s show them a different way, let’s give them the Answer to the problems they face.  Let’s show love because we know LOVE.  Let’s walk consciously; the world is watching.

Are you Okay? How are you doing?

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