Hey friends, How are you doing? We’ve enjoyed beautiful weather, here, in our neck of the woods.  In previous years, we would have perhaps complained that it’s a bit hot (our temperatures have been in the 80°(s) and 90°(s).  

This year though, there has been a significant lack of complaint, more just gratefulness for warm weather, the year has certainly been different. But then again, usually the only thing that brings the attention back on the Lord is change.  Drastic and unexpected changes force a few of us to look up, which is good. 

 But for others, the change can cause depression because instead of looking ‘up’, we look ‘at’… at the situation or problem or trial.  We allow it to overwhelm and consume, when that was never the intention of the change.  Look up, friend, look up to the Author and Finisher of your faith.  Look up to your Anchor and your Fortress.  Our God Is God enough, He is big enough, He is strong enough, wise enough, loving enough.  He is more than enough.  Believe that because He is God, He can be trusted to be good.

At our church, we have had a few weeks of reconciliation based on the Word of God, especially in light of the recent protest.  It has been very enlightening and enriching to my soul.   As a professed task-oriented person, when trials come my way, I try to fix it. My initial instinct is to annihilate the problem, but unlike my husband, I very rarely take the time to assess the situation. Usually I jump right in and take care of the problem, sometimes God’s grace allows the problem to be solved, but most times, by the time we actually get to a solution, the process is too convoluted to be effective. 

I thank the Lord for our girls.  Sometimes, kids force you to slow down, to think before you make that decision; to asses the situation. At the start of this protest, I was angry and upset and frustrated, the emotions couldn’t be named, because they became an amalgamation of all the emotions clamoring for first place.  Can you truly understand a parents’ loss, unless you’ve too have lost a child? Can you say racism does not exist because you’ve never had a racist encounter?

These questions became part of my frustration, when especially among the Christian realm, instead of ‘weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn’, some attempted to justify and explain away an injustice.  But God…. the beauty of being a Christian is our access to the throne and presence of the Almighty and Faithful God.  In His presence, I complained about those who failed to understand, to even desire to understand and He listened.  

He allowed me to talk and perhaps rant a little and when I came up for air, then He showed me; me.  He showed me that I too,  did not always stand against injustice. I too, at times, tried to explain away unfairness. See, the Word of God does not do ‘causes’, our God works on our character.  We are in the process of becoming… We can allow the ‘cause’ to draw us closer to the Lord, because we care about the things, He cares about; or we can allow the cause to become our god and draw us away from the Lord. 

I chose to draw closer to the Lord.  He is more than capable and mighty and strong and wise to fight my battles, which leaves me with the ability to say I love you, even if you don’t see this my way. You’re not my enemy, my battle is not against you. We both know who wins if we do not allow God to be GOD.  God bless you, my friends.  Have a wonderful day. Who do you need to forgive?

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