Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? This week was a good week, we celebrated my husband’s birthday on Wednesday, the warmest day of the week, a glorious 91°, which was great because my birthday, less than a month ago was 46°, with snow the day before.  But then it could be worse, right? I heard it snowed just a few days ago in Colorado.  How are you doing today, really? 

There has been so much going on in our world.  2020 has brought so many changes, most unexpected and even some, unwanted.  While some of us try to come to grips with the Pandemic and its repercussions and racism and protests, there are so many others, Christians and non-Christians, who suffer also. They suffer from the unfortunate death of a loved one, they suffer from that 4th miscarriage for that child they always wanted, they suffer from that car accident that may cause paralysis, they suffer from that disease that leaves them, constantly in pain, they suffer from financial constraints. 

Throughout this COVID’19 and social unrest, people continue to suffer from the unforeseen incidents.  Some need to know that they need a Savior; others need to remember; they have a Savior.  Let’s keep each other in prayer, let’s not become so fixated on one thing, that we neglect others in its pursuit.  We are in the process of becoming; becoming a whole, well balanced, self controlled people.  Let’s see people, let us choose to love in spite of; because of His love.  Let us keep our eyes fx on our Savior.  

How are you doing? 

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