Hello friends, how are you today? Today I found myself singing this song, sung by ‘Mr. Rogers’ on the television show by the same name, “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, could you be mine?” Some days, songs wander into my head without any warning.  It is a beautiful day though; the sun is out, the birds are singing at full volume, songs of gratitude to our Lord.  We have a chilly start to the day; a mere 33° but can’t complain; we all know it could be worse.  

What’s worse, you ask? It could be snowing! Although, according to the meteorologists, that’s not out of the forecast.  On Saturday, we do expect at least a coating to a few inches, but thankfully it’s spring.  And spring will ensure winter does not outstay her welcome, no matter how hard she tries.  We both know, winter is a ‘she’.  She is persistent and contrary, and control is in her nature.  

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Happy early Mother’s Day, friend.  To all who have ‘mothered’ in one way or another, happy Mother’s Day to you.  We know that you do not have to necessarily birth a child in order to become a mother.   So many are in need of mothering today, especially in times like these.  Here is what you should know though before embarking on such a noble calling; mothers are…

Memorable – the good ones, the bad ones, the in-between ones; they all will leave a lasting legacy.  How do you wish to be remembered? What do you want to be said about you? 

Opinionated – need I say more? Every mother has an opinion about everything, from expecting mothers to children who have left their homes and moved into their own homes.  I remember when I first became pregnant, every mother I met, had some advice to hand out.  Sadly… I’ve become that person.  

Teachable – mothers ought to be teachable, honestly mothering can’t be effective without adhering to some knowledge of those gone ahead.  As a matter of fact,  mothering is trial and error, isn’t it? Ok, this didn’t work, let’s try that. And when you think you’ve got it together, child number two reminds you that you don’t, and the learning starts over.  

Hopeful – kids expect their moms to have hope in them; except what they don’t know is this: their mom’s hope is in the Lord.  They trust and hope in the Lord to smooth out the mistakes, they are likely to make, they know to cling to the Lord with both hands because they understand that though, they may be mothering for a season, they will mother for a lifetime. Their hope is in the Lord.  

Edify – mothers are the encouragers for their kids.  They build up and spur them on.  They help with their identity and their becoming.  They nurture and point them to their Father.  Mothers model the nature of God.  This is hard work, but they trust the Lord for strength.  

Realistic– mothers are observant, where they children are concerned.  They know their kids; the strong-willed ones and the easy-going ones.  Those that may cause the knees to constantly be in that bended position, they sometimes can tell from early on.  If they’re wise, they begin to pray from birth.  

Special – moms are the real MVPs.  They have to be reminded that they are people themselves. They forgive easily because they know the words said were most likely, not meant. They are usually sleep deprived and there is, of course, a shortage of adult company. Most times, they run on exhaust fumes, but going, they must. 

Happy Mother’s Day, my friend.  Let’s trust the Lord’s faithfulness in our mothering.  He loves our charges far more than we can ever do. 

What are some helpful lessons you’ve learnt as a mom?

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