Hey friends, how are you doing? Really, how are you?  How was your week? Our weather has been very topsy turvy this week.  We’ve had warm days and cooler days, sunshine and clouds, rain and now snow is in the forecast, all in one week.  Although our God does not change, He is indeed the never-changing God, yet He delights in change.  

He brings changes to our world with the weather and the seasons.  He allows the changes natural disasters bring to His earth.  He allows the changes that knowledge brings to man with better inventions; inventions that can bring healing and longer health.  

But I think our God most delights in the changes, we allow Him to bring to our lives. He delights when we surrender our will, in exchange for His will for our lives.  He rejoices when we allow Him to mold us and shape us, so that we begin to exemplify His characteristics. He takes pleasure in us when we say ‘yes’ to His way and ‘no’ to ours.  

Today is an extra special day in history. On this day, more than two thousand years ago, our Savior went to the cross for us. On this day, our Lord demonstrated through the death of Son, His undeniable, unwavering, unfailing love for us.  Because of His death on the cross; a death reserved for the very worst of criminals, when His only offense was His love for mankind, we are able to secure an everlasting relationship with the God of the Universe. 

Because of this, we too, delight in the changes the Lord brings to our lives.  We take pleasure in renewed life we’ve been granted. Because of our salvation, we can indeed face tomorrow without fear, because we know the end of the story.  We know that though today is Friday, Sunday is not far behind.  

How are you doing? 

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39 responses to “EMBRACE THE CHANGE”

  1. Excellent post!! I’m good at realizing God is unchanging but never really deeply pondered the fact that He gladly welcomes change in our lives and in the world! Great point ❤️stay healthy!!!

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  2. Doing pretty good Brenda, for an old women. thats the way I usually answer someone who as me how I am doing. Not sure if I have any great days physcially that is, spiritually there are lots of them. Contining to learn to be flexible during this crisis time, and we are moving at the end of the month to another state unless something more drastic stops it. Packing is on my mind most of the day so to sit down and read blogs such as yours the stress of it off of me. So thanks for a great blog, Happy Easter

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  3. Lovely article. The lockdown is becoming overwhelming and made me appreciate little things I tool for granted. I miss a lot of silly things like seeing people just going by their day on the street on a monday morning or the school bus picking up the kids from home.

    I know and believe that God will heal our land. Resurrection is a new beginning. Happy Easter to you and your family

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  4. I’m finding delight in the small things these days. Staying inside because of allergies and social distancing because of a government order is hard, but I’m blessed to have all I need here and a spouse to share time with me.

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  5. So so beautifully said. 💖 A powerful message of hope and determination. Change hurts sometimes. It’s uncomfortable. But God is shaping us. He’s refining us. And we are learning to bear His image! What an incredible transformation! And though the battle is dark, though the changes are hard, the victory is already won. Praise Jesus!

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  6. Great post!
    Many think that Good Friday is to mark the end of Jesus’ life, but that’s not true! It is the just the beginning of the next phase of His eternal life!

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  7. I turned on my air conditioning Monday because it was 85 degrees. Last night I turned on the heat because it was 23 degrees. April in Nebraska is always crazy.

    I am thankful God does not change and that we can always depend on him. The changes he brings into our lives are not always easy to go through but bring us closer to him.

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