Hello friends, how are you today? Happy, happy, happy and fabulous new year. No more waiting, 2020 is here, whether we are ready or not.  Will this be a ‘new’ year, or just ‘another’ year? If we do nothing different, it will be just another year.  I pray that you experience every ‘good and perfect gift’ from the Lord throughout the year. I pray that you are continually reminded that you have been blessed with a Great Comforter, Who promises to be always, at your side.  I pray that you will have the assurance that the God of the Universe, is mighty and powerful and with Him, nothing is impossible. Happy new year, friends.  

I truly do apologize for the unexpected hiatus; I took some time (almost a week) away from the blog.  I most certainly didn’t plan for that to happen.  With the girls here and the holidays, it was almost impossible to to keep a structured schedule.  I had to remind myself that days like these are ok and the Lord is the Author and Keeper of time.  I should be back to our regular program on Monday.  

usual shenanigans

Thank you for your time with me throughout the past year.  Thank you to all who has taken the time to comment, like and follow the blog.  Thank you for your consistent encouragement and cheering throughout 2019.  Thank you for including the blog in your reading schedule.  Thank you.  

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52 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR & AN APOLOGY”

  1. Your ‘likes’ in Agnellus’ Mirror are always appreciated! Your girls look like great fun, it must be a wrench to see them fly the nest. Our three girls and their brother are now all within 70 miles of us after being much further in recent years. So it’s ‘Can you babysit? Can you meet them from school?’ ‘Of course!’

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  2. Happy New Year, sweet sister in Christ! I too, took an unexpected hiatus and appreciate your wise words about the grace God gives us regarding time and how we need to apply it to ourselves! Your girls are beautiful like their mom and I’m so glad you had the time with them. Looking forward to reading, connecting and being inspired by your beautiful blog in 2020. Blessings!

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    • thank you for the blessing; I most certainly accept it, thank you 🙂 We all needed that time, especially the girls, this was a difficult semester for them and they just needed to be reminded of the persons they are becoming


    • thank you my sweet friend, It definitely takes time to put a post together, I try not to be too rigid with my time, but sometimes it’s unavoidable 🙂 I try to have a post ready at least the day before, it cuts down on the stress 🙂 🙂 God bless you and thank you for every encouragement throughout the past year

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