Hey friends, how are you today? Did you have an enjoyable Christmas Day? In my neck of the woods, we are family of four.  Before we moved here, Christmas was always celebrated with a family of at least twenty or more, which does not include those whose homes had to visited on that day.  This occasion brings back great memories.  With a family of four, new memories had to be created.  On this day, we alternate as we read the Birth of Jesus from Luke 1,2, after which we open our gifts.  Then we go out to eat, because this mama, will not cook on Christmas Day, nope, not me.  After which, we go on the longest drive and just talk with each other.  We share the faithfulness of God to us, as my husband drives around. When we get back home, we sit around and watch movies, some baking may be involved, but absolutely nothing that takes more than half an hour.  Best Christmas tradition ever! What are some of your own Christmas traditions? 

“twas the night before Christmas ”

Have you ever wondered what made Mary so spectacular? Why was she chosen to be the mother of Immanuel, our Savior? There must have been thousands of other young women around, at the time, why did she stand out? What about her was so special? What did the Father see in her? Would He have chosen me? Would He have chosen you? 

I wonder what the innkeeper thought about Mary and Joseph, the night Jesus was born? Can you imagine that scene? Quite a few people had descended on the village and space is practically nil.  Mary is experiencing labor pains and is about to give birth.  There are no hospitals, no doctors or nurses, not even a midwife is in sight.  Her birthing room is a stable, where the animals are kept.  She is not the star in this narrative, though.  But neither is she a mere participant.  She is the one chosen to be the mother of the Savior of the world.  She would be His earthly first teacher, protector, defender. What qualities would such a woman have to possess to be fitted for such a role? She would have to be a woman of strength and dignity; integrity and honor.  Her cousin, Elizabeth, tells her, “Blessed are you among women”.  Such high praise! 

More than 2000 years later, we are here, because Mary fulfilled her responsibility.  Her response was according to Luke 1:38 “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.” We have all been given a role/responsibility; a gift.  We have been chosen to perform a profitable work. I want to be ‘blessed among women’.  I chose to do my work well, but in order to do so, I need to be a woman of ‘strength and dignity’.  I need to possess integrity and be an honorable woman. 

As the year quickly come to an end, let us take the time to evaluate the past year.  Where are we spiritually?  What qualities do we need to work on acquiring? Now is a great time to begin. 

What a some of your Christmas traditions? Share with us a few of your New Year’s goals for 2020.

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27 responses to “I WANT TO BE CHOSEN AND YOU DO TOO!”

  1. Love this Christmas tradition of yours, I laughed out loud when you mentioned you won’t bake anything that takes over half an hour!!😂❤️
    We read through Luke 2 several times throughout the Christmas season and really enjoyed that…I’m stuck on verse 20 ❤️ it’s really spoke to my heart in the time since, might have to blog about it!!

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  2. Our Christmas has changed over the years also as our children have grown and are scattered all over the USA. We only have one daughter and family near us now. As our children become grandparents too they have chosen to stay home to be with their grandchildren rather than travel to us as in years past. So our large gathering this year was just 5 of us. My daughter, her husband and daughter and us. But we continue our traditions – a good meal (we do cook on Christmas) and then games and conversation. My desire for 2020 is that I will be able to be an encourager to the women in my church and my community.

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  3. I am a single mom and Christmas traditions is something I am still figuring out. I always thought that I needed to have my own home so I can have the traditions I want to have with my son. I loved reading about your tradition a good way of remembering the reason for the season and having some family time. Every year my son and I go back home to my parents, I never saw it as traditional but maybe it is. We spend time visiting family members and playing games, going to the beach having fun, there is room for improvement. Thanks for this post, I am challenged.

    Spiritually my goal for 2020, is to live more conscience of the voice of God in my life and the holy spiritual. And be more consistent in blogging.

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  4. One of our Christmas traditions that this mama enjoys is that our oldest makes everyone a mini pie for breakfast the day before so on Christmas morning there is no cooking needed 🙂 Just add whip cream and eat! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas this year. May we all enjoy many, many more! New Year’s goals….worry less 😉 Trust God more. Working on a post to that effect…unfortunately it is still in my head at this point, lol. God Bless!

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  5. I think Mary’s humility stood out.
    Our tradition is to have Christmas eve together 22 of us this year.
    Goals for 2020…mmmm… To continue growing in His grace…& follow His direction.
    Happy New Year Brenda!
    Bless you,

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