Hello friends, how was your week? I pray it was a ‘slowing down’ rather than a ‘speeding frenzy’ although for some of you, I suspect the latter.  Today it’s a chilly, but sunny 14° in my neck of the woods, with a few inches of snow on the ground, from a recent snow storm.  It is cold; it feels like 3° for all those who dare go outside in this temperature.  As for me, it is a wonderful 70° from where I’m sitting near the window.  I love the winter season for the inside looking out. I think the snow is absolutely beautiful, as it gently and softly falls to the ground.  There is a silence that only the snow can bring with it; it feels almost like a cuddly, soft blanket.  

The snow reminds me of this old hymn, we would sing at our church called, ‘Whiter than Snow’.  Indeed, the reflection of the sun on the snow can be so bright, it is blinding.  There is such a stark difference between the snow and the dirt lying beneath.  

Forgiveness; how positively cleansing and freeing.  Salvation brings such beauty and joy; what a precious gift from the God, of the Universe, Himself! In this gift giving season, we’re not only on the giving end, we also have been given free gifts from the Lord.  We just have to keep our hands and hearts open to receive them.  

These are gifts that are abundant and eternal and the best part; it’s free.  The gifts of peace, joy and hope have been wrapped beautifully , just for you this Christmas season.  Do you want it? 

What are your plans for Christmas?

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