Hey friends, how are you today? Today, I am fine; as a matter of fact, today, I am great, thank you for asking. It is a beautiful day; the sun just came out from under the clouds. Instead of looking out of my backyard to experience the beauty of the trees and the birds, I am sitting here gazing at the waves crashing against the sands.  The kids and their parent are frolicking, already in the waves. The air is filled with laughter as others make every attempt to secure their places on the sand. Myrtle Beach is one of my favorite relaxation spots.  In some ways, it demands that you rest. There’s very little to do, thankfully.  

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Rest; why do we, as humans, find it so difficult to rest? Nature takes the time to rest and replenish.  The animals, even the busy ants find the time.  But for us, busyness is the order of the day. We say with pride, the number of things we have to do, as if it’s a badge of honor. Doing nothing does not come easily for me.  It makes me feel useless, almost without purpose, I suppose.  Do you think Jesus rested while He was on earth? Although His actual ministry was approximately three years and He accomplished more in that three years, than I ever will in my lifetime, I’m so sure He took the time to rest.  Perhaps He did not ‘go’ on vacation, like we do today, but He must have indulged in ‘down time’.  Perhaps even alone time.  Alone time; just the sound of the waves crashing against the shores and my thoughts. Time to rejuvenate before the ‘busy’ begins again, because we both know, it lies just at the peripherals of this vacation. 

Rest is good, isn’t it? Today, I am resting with friends and family. More than a physical action, resting is also a mental action. Resting is choosing to leave everything safely in the hands of the Loving and faithful God.  Resting involves surrender, does it not? Our stuff and our loved ones can’t always come with us on this journey of rest.  We have to leave them somewhere.  Why not leave them on the Hands of the One that can keep them safe and secure? In that case, we really do not have to leave the house to rest, do we? 

Our girls wanted to know whether anxiousness is a sin.  What do you think? Is it a sin to be overwhelmed and worried? Is it a sin to be so fearful that we are literally stuck and unable to move? Do we have choices in these emotions? Do I choose to be fearful and distressed? Do I choose to be filled with this debilitating anxiousness that seems at times, to grip my very soul?   Do I have a choice? Where is God in all of this? Does He care? Can He help me? Will He help me? 

The enemy of our souls has a plan.  He knows when He captures our minds, He has pretty much taken hold of every action, every thought, every word that follows.  The mind; that part of the body that can rarely even be located, but yet controls the very identity of the person.  The mind.  When we are no longer able to control the mind, because of fear or anxiousness, then rest is truly an impossible feat, isn’t it?   Even on vacation our thoughts are restless, sleep is elusive and the actions and speech that follow are steeped in bitterness or melancholy. Where is God? Was this all part of His plan? To leave us without help? Is rest a choice, then? Or perhaps rest is dependent on others.  What does rest entail, I wonder? 

Perhaps it’s listening to the sound of the waves as they crash against the shore.  Perhaps it’s the sound of the kids’ laughter as they try to escape and at the same time play with the waves.  Is it the sunshine as the butterflies fitter from flower to flower? Or maybe it the sounds of the cicadas in the background?

Perhaps rest is none of that and all of that. Perhaps rest primarily though, relies more on the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Perhaps rest involves surrender of my mind and allowing the Lord to be in control.  Perhaps rest entails submission to the Word of God.  Perhaps rest is belief and faith in the Wonderful, Loving, Gracious, merciful, Faithfulness God. Has God told us to do the impossible? Is His Word negotiable? If the Bible is the Word of God and it is not negotiable, then absolutely, worry is a sin against God and too against our bodies. What do you think? What does rest involve? 

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