Hey friends, can you believe we are officially done with six months from our 2019 calendar? Six months! Now we are counting down to the end of the year; 2020 is right around the corner, if the Lord tarries. It took me weeks to remember to write 2019, perhaps 2020 will be easier, after all it’s the same number written twice. In my head that made complete sense.  Before we make plans for 2020 however, let’s not cancel 2019 just yet.  I saw these words quite a bit at the end of 2018; quite a few people were so done with the year, they wanted it cancelled all together.  

Isn’t it funny how we always seem to remember the bad occurrences in our lives? We’ve been told that we humans have the tendency to remember the extreme high and the extreme low points of our lives.  From my past experiences, I concur, but I would also qualify by saying, we remember the extreme highs, but most of the bad experiences. No life is free of disappointments, unfortunately no one leaves this world unscathed.  We all will endure grief and pain at some point in our lives.  Regrettably, we are not promised, even as Christians, that this life will be perfect; that all will go as we planned.  

But should an entire year be cancelled because of disappointments?  If that’s the case, every year will be cancelled, because every year brings with it a new set of disappointments. Sorry to the young ‘uns reading this post, most of us, older folks have done a bit of adulting and I speak for them when I say, we’ve come to the conclusion that Charles Swindoll is right, when he said these words:

When I was little girl, I was quite fascinated by pens that came with an eraser.  That’s an ingenious idea, whoever came up with it.  I guess I could find out, I’m sure Goggle would know, but that’s irrelevant information, if you want to know, you know what to do.  But having the option to erase my work, after writing with a pen, rather than crossing it out, or starting all over, depending on the teacher’s desires, was very satisfying.  I loved it and the only pen I wanted for school was one that came with an eraser, because undoubtedly, I would make a mistake in my writing. Even better is Word correcting my spelling mistakes, that are still in my head, not yet even on the pad.  Thank You Lord, for blessing man with this wisdom. 

Isn’t it wonderful that our Perfect, Holy, and Righteous God gives us great do-over opportunities? I love new days, because it’s a do-over day.  It’s an opportunity for new grace and mercy.  It’s a new day filled with moments for me to repent and seek forgiveness, I can assure you; I will need it. Forgiveness is an eraser that never comes to an end, as long as there is life in this body.  The Lord’s forgiveness just keeps giving when I sincerely seek it.  

He certainly forgives freely, because my debt has been paid through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. According to His Word and unlike the pen’s eraser, there is no record of wrong against me.  He washes me whiter than snow and let me tell you, as someone who lives in a snow belt, snow can be blindingly white.  Forgiveness – to let go of an offense against another.  And that’s what I’ve done; that is exactly what I still do; I offend the Lord with my sin.  When I sin, I desecrate His Name; I violate His commands.  When I repent, the blood of His Son wipes it all away.  I am clean.  (Natalie Grant has a song by this name) Yep! Gimme that God (another good song by Kirk Franklin). 

Six months have gone by, my friends, we can stay where we are, accepting whatever life chooses to throw our way, or we choose to live the abundant life, we are promised In the Lord.  

Have you repented today? 

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34 responses to “OH! WHAT A HAPPY DAY…”

  1. You really do learn as you Adult more that those painful lasts you wanna cancel out, God was somewhere in there, teaching you something, and giving you an escape and a weapon to use for your next season.

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  2. This is so powerful: “Before we make plans for 2020 however, let’s not cancel 2019 just yet.”

    I’m always tempted to move on when things feel almost done, almost over, almost anything. But God still has plenty of time for His glory in 2019. And I want to be present for it!

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  3. No, I can hardly believe it’s already July! But on your topic, today I discovered yet another lie that is being taught by some people who call themselves Christians. It really blew me away. I guess I should not be surprised by the tricksters who are at work in the church. Here is the lie: God would never torture and murder his Son ‘for our sins’, and part two, we are just told that because ‘they’ want us to feel guilt. WHAT?? I can’t even. Here is the link if you want to read it. I like to know what the enemy ( Satan) is doing. http://www.uscatholic.org/church/2012/03/us-and-our-salvation . Thank God , Jesus did die for my SINS. I believe it and I repent and I thank you , Jesus!

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    • Wow! The lies the enemy wants us to believe. John 3:16, If we don’t believe that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins, then salvation eludes us; we can’t be saved, which is exactly what He desires. Thank God for truth

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  4. The year is flying by!! 😮Forgiveness is a must in our walk with God. We must repent of sin often and ask God to show us unconfessed sin. Also forgiving others. Thanks for sharing this 😊

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  5. I find it hard to believe we’re already in the second half of this year! I want to continue to choose living the abundant life in these next 6 months. Thanks for your encouragement, Brenda!

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  6. It is freeing to understand that the only thing I control is my attitude and that no one has the power to control how I respond. When we are new creations in Jesus, our attitudes are also redeemed 🙂

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