Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? We’ve had an unequal mixture of sunshine and rain.  This week came with more sunny days, than rainy days; praise the Lord.  Today begins with a cloudy chance of meatballs; oops I meant rain.  

the reflection of the trees in the puddles

Right now, there is a birdie outside my window, condemning her friend because she pushed her baby out of the nest too soon (or so she thought). The chick didn’t seem to have mastered the skill of flying, for she allowed the humans (can you believe it! Humans; yes, it was their yard, but still!) to touch her.  The mama bird was not having it, she fully defended herself and reminded her friend that she was there all the time, keeping an eye on her chick.  She was never out of her sight, even though she, (the chick and her friend) did not know that, (which they should, because this isn’t her first rodeo). Sounds familiar… like maybe something the Lord said?  Anyway… how was your week?

The cloudy, gloomy, rainy days, sometimes, make it hard for me to be a thankful and grateful human, especially when these days linger and linger.  When I was younger;When I was a teenager, our youth leader asked us to write a few things for which we were grateful.  I could not think of one thing! I sat there for quite a while, without writing anything.  He made his way over to me and suggested that I write facts; like my sight, my speech, my hearing.  

I didn’t think these were things to be grateful for, because everyone I knew, had their sight, speech and hearing.  I wanted things that were all mine and just mine alone (that me-ism trait was definitely at the forefront).  But then I had an epiphany. The only reason, I thought these things were not blessings was because I believed it was owed to me.  I believed I was entitled to these blessings; that in some way, I had earned or was owed theses blessings.  

Forgive me, Lord, because even today, when I complain about my lot, I am in essence being ungrateful for the things, which I’ve been given.  I was never promised that everything in my life will always be perfect, but still I am blessed beyond measure.  Primarily because I have a God, Who promised to never leave me and because of His Presence, I can always have sunshiny days.  

golfing with my sweetheart
thrifted flats and freshly painted nails
puddles with the reflection of the nearby trees
beautiful sunshine days
beautiful rainy days
beauty of creation
sunshine is in sight
might be time for a siesta
everyone, including the moth likes my sweetheart
Lord, I am thankful for shiny things, like this pen

Sunshiny days depend on me. When my days are filled with rain, I can remember to find comfort and safety under the Shadow of His Wings and there, I will find that sunshine waiting for me. Psalm 91:4 He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.

How was your week?