Hey friends, a happy, wonderful spring to you. On the very first of spring, we enjoyed a beautiful 55° day, filled with sunshine and blue skies.  I do make the effort to ensure that my outlook on life does not depend on great weather and plenty of sunshine, but consistent grey skies can make it rather difficult at times.  Therefore, I basked in my warm temperatures and blue skies, every moment it comes around.  I am thankful the Lord loves diversity both in us and in His nature.  There are no signs of spring in our neck of the woods, as a matter of fact we are getting ready for a snow storm but spring is here, and winter must give way.  Anyway, how was your week? 

Are there any signs of spring near you? If you have the weather for it, take your camera for a walk in your neighborhood. Take a few deep breaths, just before you use the camera to take a few photographs of the beauty and wonder of spring the Lord has sent your way.  I love spring, but as I’ve said before, I do enjoy the novelty of each season. 

Spring depicts the beauty of what a relationship with the Lord brings to our lives, when we invite Him and allow Him full control. Spring tells me to wave my white flag in surrender to the God of the Universe. Spring says “stand in awe” of the redeeming grace of a Holy and righteous God.  Spring reminds me of the wonder and beauty the Lord brings to my life, when I give Him full control.  Spring says that though there may be no visible evidence of life, I need to press on. I need to believe that growth is progressive, not instant.  I must call to mind that: 

  1. Spring brings new life;it’s there in the tulips, whose shoots persist in spite of the cold that still invites the snow.  A new life that belongs to us, when we accept the Lord as our Savior
  2. Spring heralds beauty;it’s seen in the clearer skies and felt in the warmer temperatures.  We see it in our lives, when we ‘fear’ the Lord, when we respect and admire the Lord of the Universe.
  3. Spring invites fellowship. It’s there in the cluster of crocuses, which will seldom stand alone.  We hear it in the laughter of the kids as they frolic in the parks and playgrounds. We experience it, when we spend time with friends and family, but more importantly with our Lord.  
  4. Spring propels movement.It’s there in the scampering of the chipmunks as they forage for food.  It’s ours when we put on our walking shoes and enjoy the company of others, while we talk about the goodness and greatness of our God. 
  5. Spring springs growth.  It’s there in the blossoming of leaves on the trees and it’s ours when accept the dictates of the Word of God as the final authority on our lives.  

Happy spring, my friends.  It’s time to celebrate…

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