Hey friends, how are you? Really… today… how are you doing? It has been so cold in my neck of the woods, honestly, I really just had to take the time to talk to the Lord about it.  I had to… it was that cold. Of course, if you’re like me, it doesn’t take much for us to complain; oops talked (you know what I meant). I do quite a bit of ‘talking’ to the Lord.  Although, I must admit, I’m not usually a complainer, just ask my husband and kids (uhhh, you can’t), well, just take my word for it.  Most times, I try (with the Lord’s assistance) to see the positive out of most situations, but it has been cold. I’ve not wanted to move, but I had to leave the house on quite a few occasions and I’m not sure it’s possible to feel warm again.  Now I live in one of the top five snowiest cites in the world (yep, world) and number one in the US; snow I can handle, but this cold had me talking … quite a bit. But God … the Lord heard my cry and over the weekend, we are going to experience temperatures in the 40°.  This is February and we are above freezing; thank You, Lord; thank You.I Thess 5 18

The Lord and I have walked together for quite a few years now, well… admittedly, His walk with me has been far more consistent, far more persistent, far more gracious and loving, far more filled with mercy.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The more we walked together, the ever so slightly, it becomes to surrender my will; to let Him have His way.  The more we walk together, the more knowledge and understanding I receive about Him and His character.  The more we walk together, the stronger the foundation of my salvation, the more concrete is my belief that He is trustworthy and dependable.  The more time we spend together, He allows me to see more of Himself.  I know as a result of spending time with Him, that He isn’t an ogre, waiting to pounce and condemn me, when I whine and complain.  rom 5 20Spending time with Him helps me to whine and complain less though; He helps me to be grateful instead that I have a warm home to go to and an even warmer robe and socks and a wonderful husband with which I can snuggle and of course I can’t forget Jazz, my cat, when she allows me to hold her.  I have reminded her that I have her food, but that’s another story.  Back to the point …  Yes, yes, we serve a Great and Mighty and let’s not forget a Loving God.  He listens to the insignificant prayers, or at least what some may consider insignificant; like my creeping weight (I lost two pounds this week, Jennifer (we’re on this journey together, check out her blog at teawithjennifer) He heard me when I talked to Him about the dark spots on my face, left behind by the sun.  He also heard when I spoke to Him about my family and their need for restoration with Him. I love my God, but I also know that He loves me far more than I could ever, ever love Him.  His love for me is far wider and greater and bigger than mine. Do You know my God? How was your week? thanks buttonclosing1brenda