Hey friends, how are you doing today? How has the weather been in your neck of the woods? We have quite a few above 90° days. I absolutely love it.  Was the month of June as busy for you as it was for me? Our youngest graduated high school.  We participated in the Leah Homeschool Commencement, which was absolutely beautiful.  The next we held her graduation party which turned out beautifully, but was a lot of work.  What would I do without my church ladies? They are the best! Do yourselves a favor and get some church ladies in your life. Then there is ensuring that she is prepared for college. Thankfully she will be attending the same college as her sister, praise the Lord.   

GROWING FAVORITES  pro-31-30In our Women’s Sunday school class, we’ve been discussing the reactions versus the responses of women as we do life.  Reactions are more instinctive and responses are more intentional.  Reactions come easily because they are natural, they are usually the ‘thoughtless’ actions.  But responses are more thoughtful; it is harder to obtain because it seeks to go against my natural self.  Responses require a more biblical foundation.  Responses admit that the struggle between the flesh and the spirit is real, but chooses to go with the spirit, because that’s the right thing to do. rom 5 20Do you know that busyness and reactions go together? When I am busy, I need a list or else I have the tendency to procrastinate. But with a list comes a time frame and then I become the General Manager of the household or maybe the universe.  I do pray about my tasks, but I become so laser focused on what needs to be done, that I present a ‘fait accompli’ list to the Lord, ask Him to bless it and then takes it for granted that He has done just that.  Do you do that too?  The Lord has brought to my attention that I do one of two things, (neither of them good) when I am busy (which is all the time, lately).  I procrastinate; I want the Lord to handle the problems without any input from me, or I try to handle everything on my own, without any input from Him.  Is there a middle ground to that dilemma? 6B2DF9A2-12C8-4F54-A2F0-5B77866F4AF4 FASHION FAVORITES 4B877847-7A95-4534-A78F-584C128D6D5CI have spoken about these shoes before. You know by now, that both pairs of shoes were thrifted.  You do know that, right?  Isn’t this pair of Michael Kors absolutely beautiful? It is comfortable and cute.  It gives the illusion that I’m much taller than I really am, which is very okay with me.  I love the color; the strappy front helps to keep the shoe firmly in place.  The triangular heel gives it that special detail in the design.  IMG_1329 

IMG_0670On the other hand there is this pair of flats.  I love the color and the design, it is very noticeable; the mushroom top keeps the shoe in place.  It is definitely a showy piece, everyone comments on this shoe when I wear it.  It is very comfortable, but not a ‘run with me’ comfortable. I would not suggest it if you have to run, because you may just find yourself shoeless. IMG_0668  BEAUTY FAVORITES  F2DC3080-D7E4-4586-884F-F65F5D413542I bought this Clinique Acne Solutions BB Cream in deep for our daughter, while she was at college.  Thankfully she did not use it all and brought it back home with her.   I got the chance to use it and it has stayed on my vanity from then.  She comes to my room to use it now.  It’s a BB cream, therefore it’s lightweight, but the amazing thing about this product is that it’s full coverage.  How did they do that? It has a SPF of 40, making it perfect for the summer weather.  You can find it at Sephora here 594BBD21-46BC-4F24-8466-D3F4797B8A4EB2AC122B-2D37-4B3D-A2B7-954579FC2ECBDuring the summer, I tone down significantly on makeup.  As it is, I like makeup, I like to use makeup, I like to buy makeup, but I’m not very good at applying makeup, so I do not wear a lot of makeup. How many times can I use the word ‘makeup’?  For me, less is more.  FF07CFD4-A503-474C-A246-56DF9E73D2E5This lipstick is perfect for this time of the year.  I love the color; it is the perfect nude for my skin tone.  It has more of a satin finish in my opinion.  It is neither matter, nor glossy.  This Ofra lipstick in Verona, which came in a BoxyCharm is long lasting. Love it. You can find it on Amazon (here) or in a variety of other shades at Ulta (here).

32485961-4987-42C3-9BC3-6918E678319DAED5F7D7-4DD4-430D-B894-CECF8CDEF24AWhat are a few of your favorites for the month of June?  I would like to know. Yes, I have been called nosey.

How can a mere ‘thank you’ for sufficient for your comments, likes and follows? You literally bring a smile to my face every time I read your comments.  I talk about you as if we’ve met.  Believe me when I say, I appreciate you.  Thank you.closing1brenda

29 responses to “JUNE FAVORITES”

  1. HAHA I just had a busy reaction! I can ‘place’ most of my reactions if I think about it. Most of them take place in the ever tightening funnel towards the front door/car with a time pressure at the other end, or they occur in the kitchen on days when I’m doing multiple meals/snacks and there is still a meal or several to get out on time. I need a new list.
    I agree about the natural nature of our reactions verses the supernatural nature of responses.
    Most of my reactions are to someone else’s reaction. I rarely am the first reactor and mostly I don’t understand the other person’s reaction because I would never have it myself. But reactions on reactions = explosions! So I am encouraged by your post today to prepare my responses.
    Like you are going through with your daughter, whenever we go through changes in stage, I believe we need to review our responses. My stages seem to change monthly, so I like your monthly review idea. I might adopt it! Thanks Brenda, I always love your posts. L

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  2. Loved that you talked about the differences between reactions and responses. I’m guessing that most humans live based on ‘reactions’ and very few actually go with reasoned responses. That would explain a lot of the world’s situation I think.

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  3. I’m finding myself going without makeup most days this summer!
    But I’m definitely not going to stop putting the effort into cultivating my church ladies! Absolutely essential!

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  4. Lovely post as usual Brenda. And of course those kicker shoes and gorgeous flats. You’ve got such a knack for landing the most gorgeous items. Lovely! Have a Beautiful day.

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