When I was younger, my grandparents owned a garden.  It was not a small kitchen garden, but rather one that sustained them financially.  This verse brings to mind, my grandmother. She would prepare herself for the day, by first waking up very early; before the break of dawn really.  She would organize breakfast, which usually included strong black coffee.  In the Caribbean we have this phrase, “tie your waist”, when referring to a task that is demanding and consuming.  This is what my grandmother would actually do before going to the garden. She would tie her waist with a belt or a piece of cloth.  This helped to support her waist, which also slowed down the rate of future problems with her back.  prov 31 17 The role of a wife and mother is a demanding and consuming task and when one adds an outside job to the mix, more is exponentially required of that person. Proverbs 31: 17 tells us she is aware of the responsibilities that came with these roles.  She is intentional with the activities involved; she does not ‘fly by the seat of her pants’. She is realistic with her time and uses it wisely, that includes saying ‘no’ to some activities.  She knows what she has to do; is aware of the tasks involved with her roles.  She performs her roles well, because her plans enable her to do exactly that.  She brings her plans before the Lord, in her quiet time.  She allows Him to make the necessary adjustments.  ps 46 1 I thank God for His grace and mercy.  I truly thank Him for this unmerited, undeserving favor that covered a number of unplanned days.  Days, when I did not feel like moving, so I didn’t.  Days, when my feelings totally controlled my actions, because I did not plan to succeed. Days, when I walked instinctively; that’s the flesh, rather than intentionally. Days, when my kids and husband hid from me, because of my waspish tongue.   Days, when I didn’t bother to ‘tie my waist’, because I’ve ‘got this’.  John 10 10Mother’s Day was just a few days ago and let me assure you, friends, that it is because of the grace of God, my children and husband actually praised me; they still love me, thank you, Lord. (Proverbs 31:28,29).  They see this person that the Lord is remaking in His image.  They see someone who desires to become His Tapestry; a Tapestry filled with knots and crooked stitches, starts and stops, wrongs instead of rights. The difference is I know and serve the God of the Universe.  He is All-Powerful and All-Mighty. He is God of love, grace and mercy.  He takes my crooked and makes it straight. His arms are outstretched and ready to forgive.  Do you know my God?

Trust the Lord to mold and shape you too. He will bring true beauty to your life.

What kind of life do you have now? What kind of life do you wish to have?closing1brenda