Hi there friends, how are you today? Are you fine, fantastic and fabulous? Or does it look like today is going to be a depressing, down and distressing kind of day? Perhaps this day is shaping out to be filled with fretting, frustrating and flustering circumstances? Huh! See what I did there? What kind of day is this one shaping out to be? eb8306f4-748d-449f-bc93-c42bd4f5f638-e1526049751543.jpeg Yesterday I had a fabulously, wonderful day.  I know, right? It was a great day.  The Lord sent me both sunshine and rain with the perfect temperature. What can I say? He loves me.  We went for dinner and of course, I got my favorite dessert; red velvet cheesecake. 8DD5B5D6-E280-42A4-A765-C5F926A08BD8Just the words imply this beautiful, well crafted, fine tasting, but well over the allotted number of calories per person (but who’s counting) delicious confection.  Yes, it is that good! Oh! Did I forget to mention; it was my birthday! I love celebrating birthdays.

Left up to my husband, birthdays would be just another day.  But as for me, everything birthday, including his, is a celebration. It’s a day to look back on the past year.  It’s a day to do some self evaluation.  And definitely, a day to receive gifts, do some pampering, talk to every single member of the extended family, go for dinner and a movie.  Personally, I think it’s a day from the Lord specially designed for you and me.   pro-31-30Throughout the last year, this verse became one I felt I needed to emulate. By now, you know that I enjoy shopping.  Yep, I do! I love clothes, shoes, handbags, and makeup.  Thankfully, the Lord has given man the ingenious idea of thrift and consignment stores.  Thank You, Lord.  But this verse reminds me that these things are temporary.  These are indeed things to enjoy, but my relationship with the Lord is more lasting; as a matter of fact, it is permanent. Because of that, I need to dedicate more time developing and expanding that relationship. Throughout that last year of my life I have learnt;

  1. That there is wisdom is silence.  I wish I could say, I always exercise this, but let’s just say, “He’s still working on me”.
  2. Careless living has consequences.  I know, I know! You are probably thinking, ‘what do you expect?’  That is so true.  This was especially reflected in my weight; that red velvet cheesecake!
  3. Mistakes will be made! I must remember learning takes place there.  I do not like to make mistakes, (part of my control issues).  I found that sometimes to avoid making an error, I would do nothing instead.  That’s definitely not exercising faith! I need to pick a side and trust that the Lord will catch me, if and when I fall.
  4. Most importantly, I learned that the God I serve is called Almighty God.

Throughout the past year, I read the books of Job, Daniel and Hosea.  The overarching themes throughout these books are:

  1. God is faithful
  2. God is trustworthy 
  3. God is Almighty and All-powerful. 

Last year was a good year, but I desire that this year be an even better year.  I’ll serve the Lord better; I’ll be more intentional in my walk with Him.  Then I know, I shall be a better wife and mother, a better friend and teacher, a better and more conscientious shopper.

Do you celebrate birthdays? What are a few of your traditions?  closing1brenda