Lord, are you there? I remember asking that question as a child.Are You there? Are You real, or a figment of my imagination? IMG_2968When I was about ten or eleven years old, I saw a dead body.I had never seen a dead body before.She was in her early to mid twenties, we were told.And her body had been dumped over a bridge not very far from our house.We didn’t know her; had never seen her before.I later heard she was from the southern part of the island, had also been killed there.That image of her lying at the foot of that bridge will forever be seared in my brain (and now yours too, sorry about that). But I remember thinking, “You could have stopped it from happening, Lord.Why didn’t You? Where were You, Lord?”

Perhaps in light of what happened this past Valentine’s Day (oh the irony!), you may have asked the same question.

First off, one thing I had to know (and you do too) is that God is sovereign, which means God has the full right and power to do what He wants, without any influence or say so from anyone, outside of Himself.In other words, God does not answer to you and me, (I believe that comes with being God). He is the Creator; we are the created (very, very big difference).

Secondly, I had to dismiss the thought that I am better than God in any way.The questions imply that I am kinder, more loving, more compassionate, more sympathetic, which is ridiculous.

Then I had to understand that the questions also imply that I am better than others.That ‘I would never do something like that!”Which again isn’t true, perhaps the situation just hasn’t presented yet (and I pray never will) itself.I also had to understand the magnitude of sin, and the battle that goes on between God and Satan for the very souls of man.Sin is a real thing, ladies and gentlemen, that permeates the very fiber of our being. And sin comes with consequences; consequences we cannot control.

We come into the world, doing the will of Satan, UNTIL we accept the free gift of salvation.  The only thing that can set us free from sin’s hold is the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, which was freely shed for us. My heart aches for the families of those killed and injured at the school in Florida. Let’s keep them in prayer.  

This was not at all, the post I intended to publish today, but I could not, NOT post this one (get it?).  Please dear one, do not think for a moment that our Lord has abdicated His Throne.  He knows, He sees, He understands, He loves, He gives  far more than we ever can.  Trust Him, He knows what He is doing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have taken the time to follow the blog.  I am humbled by your comments and likes on the posts.  May the Lord be honored on this adventure.

Have a blessed day and remember: God’s love is unfailing, unwavering and unconditional! Do you believe that?

57 responses to “WHERE ARE YOU, LORD?”

  1. It must have been traumatic for you to see such things at a tender age..
    It is so true that God is in control.. not one moment escapes Him.. Our joy, struggles, and grief.. I believe this why David said He collects our tears.. Psalm 56:8. .With Him there will be no more.. not even the memory of them.. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for checking out my blog. I’m looking forward to reading more of yours. I started my blog after losing my husband to cancer this past January. We prayed for his healing and truly believed. We are full of “whys”, of course. But as you said, God is sovereign and we live in a world where we are exposed to all sorts of evil. I miss my husband but I know he is no longer suffering and God is taking care of me and my children. As a family we have a #stongerthancancer. It may have taken my husbands life on earth but his soul is forever with Jesus. It may have taken him from us, but it will not defeat us. We are determined to kick satan and cancer in the teeth by sharing the love and mercy of Jesus however we can. My blog page is one way I’ve started doing that. Blessings dear sister in Christ!!!

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    • 2 Samuel 10:12
      Be of good courage, and let us be strong for our people and for the cities of our God. And may the Lord do what is good in His sight.” I love this verse, because it reminds me of God’s faithfulness and His grace and mercy towards us. You are in my prayers, Heather. May the Lord richly bless you

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  3. What a great post! Our God is sovereign and His Word tells us that “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those that love him.” (1 Cor. 2:9) and God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to HIS purpose. (Romans 8:28).
    Our human eyes, minds and flesh cannot begin to understand why bad things happen, but as His children, we know He is in control.
    Keep sharing, glad I found your blog!

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  4. Yes, he exists, my mom said, I used to talk with him when I was a kid, at times when we go to temple, I am not sure if really saw him, just a blurred picture in mind.

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  5. I really sense the Holy Spirit and the anointing all over this post, Brenda. You wrote with such conviction and authority and exposed the battle that is really going on. Satan is real and he prowls around seeking who he can to devour. I praise God that He Alone is sovereign, is in control and has already defeated the enemy. We have to continue to trust in God’s promises, despite the way that things look.
    Let us continue to pray without ceasing until Jesus’ return, when He will wipe every tear from our eyes.
    Blessings, Hayley 💕

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  6. Yes I do! And I have learnt that God has the ultimate knowledge as to why things happen around us and we just have to trust him rather than doubting him….thanks for this lovely write-up

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  7. I had to learn that we may not understand why? But it’s not our place to understand. Our minds weren’t meant to deal with the gravity of such decisions (who lives, who dies, why, etc). We have to trust it’s apart of Gods grand plan. It took me a minute, but I get it now. Thanks for the wonderful post. ❤️❤️

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  8. This was a deep and timely post. Sometimes it feels or appears that God is absent when we see such devastation and destruction, When actually He is right there in the midst; wanting to be our main source of comfort. The question in your title is often asked – especially in times of heartache, I guess because we sometimes struggle to understand the whys. We just have to trust in His perfect plan (despite how bad it may seem from time to time). Thank you for reminding us that God is still on His throne and He is still in control. Blessings x

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  9. Oh how scary that must have been for you!

    Really relating to this post right now. It’s so hard not to wonder if He is there during times of tragedy, especially those involving so many innocent lives. It’s also hard to see that He has given all of us our own expiration dates here on earth, and that when it is time, it is time when they go in such a horrible way. I think my struggle is more, I know God is there. But I’m often left wondering, when it is someone’s time, how is it that it was “meant to be” that way. Always been something I have struggled to figure out or make sense of.

    Thank you for this post!

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  10. This was such a great post and it’s amazing the dark things that gets etched in our minds – forever. Yes, I believe every christian has the same thoughts even if you’re not a christian, you want to know where God is when things like Florida and other places happen. But as you stated, he sees and he knows and he’s a God of Free Will; he doesn’t make us do anything. I loved when you said, we do the will of Satan until we accept Jesus Christ – I never looked at it in those terms but it’s so true. Keep doing the will of God and spreading his word…

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  11. This is something I once struggled with as well. ‘Lord, why would you take the GOOD ones!” Then I had to learn that we all have a job to do here on earth. When it’s our time to say ‘It is finished”, we gotta be ready. We can’t control the hands of man but we know that trouble don’t last always and know that He is waiting for those of us who have accepted the free gift!

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