How many times have we said these words? How many times have we heard it said?  “I won’t do it again, mom”; or (like I did) perhaps, you’ve recently said, “I won’t do it again, Lord”.  Have you ever said these words and perhaps wondered, why it’s so hard to keep that promise?  I remember as a child making these promises to my mom, especially to avoid a spanking.  I am sure, I meant it at the time.  I had every intention of never doing ‘it’ again.    Yet, the inevitable always happened.  I did it again.  There is an axiom that says, “The road to hell is filled with good intentions.”  I won’t do it; I won’t say it; I won’t go there; I won’t watch it, and very often sincerity is involved in that declaration.  IMG_1950

My season of life is changing; homeschooling isn’t as involved as it used to be, the house doesn’t take as long to clean anymore, and with a great husband and one very independent, seventeen year old daughter at home, there seem to be more time in my schedule.  I need to reorganize my time, in order to be more productive. But that’s harder to do than I thought, because it takes time to reorganize and that’s not a fun activity, so I procrastinate. At the beginning of each new day, I say to the Lord, “I won’t do it again”. Truthfully, I do not even like to work with procrastinators, they frustrate me, but here I am.  Why can’t I do better?  Why do I find it so hard to do right? I really do mean it; I want to do better, but I simply can’t seem to do it. Why? rom 715

I’ve been doing it all wrong!  That’s the problem!  I’ve been depending on me to fix this issue and obviously, I can’t do it.  You see, I like my schedule, even though it isn’t as productive as it can be; as it should be.  At its root, is an empty promise, because I haven’t surrendered my time over to the Lord.  There will never be any change, because I am trying to change it myself.  It seemed like such an easy thing to attain, that I thought I could handle it.  When did I forget that God wants all of me, including my time? When did I forget that in my own strength I can do nothing good?  

That’s the key; that’s the answer! SURRENDER!

I’ve got it now, Lord.  I surrender my will over to the will of Your Precious Holy Spirit. 

rom 5 20

6 responses to “BROKEN PROMISES…”

  1. Ouch would be my response!
    But thank you for the truth.
    There’s a quote by William bridges that said you knew much of what you needed to know for what you were but what you are going to be will require new skills and new understanding “
    However watch carefully because of Isaiah 43:18-19
    The Lord is saying to us as we change seasons in our life He is about to do a new thing.

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