Hey friends, how are you today? 2022 is here and I’m not mad at it.  Actually, I am quite happy the Lord has allowed me to see this year.   I have made quite a few plans, tentatively of course, for this year. Tentative plans, friends, tentative; because we must allow the Lord to make the necessary changes.  We are simple people, our Lord sees what we cannot, He knows what we do not, and He loves us far more than we can ever love ourselves.   

I was not quite ready for 2021, I must admit.  First, I did not expect COVID’19 to outlast the year.  I was convinced that by July 2021, it would have been a thing of the past.  Well, we both know that’s not our reality.  Along with this, the year also brought home some challenges that demanded I trust the Lord.  Although 2021 was not always smooth sailing, it was certainly a great year.  My God remained faithful to me throughout the year, even on those days, when I failed to be faithful.  He blessed me far more than I ever deserved, and His mercy and grace was unending.  Today my family and I are counted among the living, although there are some health concerns, we are a healthy bunch.  We have a roof over heads, clothes on our backs and food in our cupboard. Truly the Lord has been good to us.  

Here is a brief visit to 2021 through my lens: 

2021 also brought a proud moment for me. I got my driver’s license! I know, I know.. your sixteen year old has her license. BUT… please remember in my first life, I drove on the opposite side of the road and in the opposite side of the car. I didn’t want to harm anyone, so my precious hubby drove us everywhere. But then it certainly became time when our girls took over the task. Uh uh.. I taught these girls to college; not gonna happen. 2022 here I come; ready or not and I’m driving!

Share one thing you are thankful for in 2021.

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52 responses to “2021 THROUGH MY LENS”

  1. I’m thankful that the ministry we work for is recovering, both in attendance and finances. In 2020 we just weren’t able to do much ministry. It is good to be with people again, sharing, comforting, and serving.

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  2. Congratulations on getting your driver’s license! 🙂 Our oldest just got her permit and I might be quietly freaking out inside, lol. Thankfully, her father is going to teach her to drive because I’m not up for the task. One thing 2021 gave me is to trust God more. We had a baby in April and we chose to have an unattended birth. This decision was made with MUCH prayer and deliberation. But I just got such a sense of peace about “our”decision that I knew it was right and that when I got that feeling, I just have to let go and let God. The birth went beautifully and baby R is so much fun, even when he is grumpy, lol. I have this same sense of peace about the future so I am working very hard on letting it go every time I start to worry, or try to “control” where we are going or what is going to happen. I have no control. God is in control and He has told me He is in control of our future and only wants what is good for us. (Jeremiah 29:11) Our futures are in God’s hands and He loves us very much. God Bless you and your family always!

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  3. Happy New Year! Thank you for your loving support of me during my sporadic season on writing. I enjoyed this post. The keyword is tentative. That is a good way to plan around the pandemic. Congratulations on your driver’s license. It is never too late. I got mine 14 years ago when I was 27 years old. I was frightened to drive and now driving doesn’t have a hold on me. I love your pictures of 2021. I am going to look at mine. I am always inspired by you. We already follow each other on IG. I am going to get back to being filled up by my special blogging community again. God bless you and your family. We are in 2022. Thank you God!

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  4. I love the picture of you in the blue dress and straw hat!!! Your post reminded me of a song my mother used to sing, “I have food on my table, and clothes on my back. I’ve a good roof above me…..Thank you Lord for your kindness to me.” I’m thankful that my daughter who got Covid-19 even though she had the vaccine and always wore a mask (she is a school teacher) and was very seriously ill has recovered.

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  5. I have so many things I am thankful for last year, but #1 was a clear cat scan after Danny’s (my husband) last chemo session. Thank you, Lord Almighty. Amen.

    Thank you for sharing your year and many of the same feelings we all have about a year of continued Covid frustration. Your positivity and encouragement is inspiring and I thank you for sharing your gift consistently through your blog. Write on!

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  6. It’s wonderful to know you are driving. Even more wonderful to know that Anita and I live in a different state and are not likely to meet you on the road!! 😱 Don’t you think there may be a reason we drive on the “right” side of the road? Wouldn’t that mean that the other side is wrong? 😂
    Just teasin’, of course. 😉 Congrats and safe driving.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  7. Congratulations on your driver’s license! That’s big.
    I’m thankful that my husband and I got covid, and that we got over it. I’m thankful that we got to go to my family reunion, and that we all all love each other so much.

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  8. I didn’t drive until I was 50 years old. Learning to drive and getting my license was my birthday gift to myself, although my daughter earned her freedom as well. It was a remark she made that motivated me. She asked when was I going to learn to drive and how long would I be at a party she drove me to. I decided right then to let go of the fear, act on my faith in God, and free us both. I love it! Oh, the freedom to go anywhere and stay as long as I wish was like nirvana. Congratulations.

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  9. Love this and thanks for sharing a little of your life through your lens. 💞 I’m looking forward to 2022 as well! I’m believing for a great year, and one of the most important things I’m thankful for is my faith. I can’t imagine how people make it in this life without Him! Blessings to you! 💞

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