Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? What did you do over the weekend? The girls were home; they were both able to visit for their Fall Break.  We took them and a few friends back to college on Sunday.  I must admit, it is getting easier to leave them behind.  

Talking to the Lord about them, talking to them about the Lord helps to settle this mama’s heart.  Ultimately, life’s choices are theirs’ to make, they will fail at times, in their walk with the Lord.  They know that the Lord never withholds forgiveness. He gives it freely and willingly.  They are reminded that holiness is the standard; it is God’s standard for His people.  The road to holiness though is paved with forgiveness, grace and mercy. Christians sin, but sin should not be the pattern of a Christian’s life.    

Benny and I had an enjoyable ride on our way back home.  We talked about everything, including music, our family, God’s faithfulness to us.  Do you think the life of a Christian can be boring and dull? Really, I want to know your thoughts.  I recently read that a Christian’s life isn’t always exciting and interesting, and I admit, I was stuck on that first sentence.  First, I don’t think any one, Christian or none Christian lives an exciting and interesting life all the time.   I’m pretty sure, everyone at one time or another goes through life at a mundane pace and believe it or not, some people look forward to the mundane.  Is your life dull? Do you think you live a boring life? If you do, why is that? What constitutes a boring life?

Secondly, why is a Christian’s life dull or boring? That statement declares that my life isn’t always exciting and interesting, and I suppose I never really thought of my life as dull nor is it boring.  There is so much to do, right? There is so much to see; so many fears to conquer, so many victories to grab hold of, in this life. 

Let’s put this into perspective, friends.  I AM a Christian.  It isn’t a clothing I put on, at the beginning of the day and then take off.  It is actually who I am when I accepted Christ as my Savior.  I AM a Christian.  Everything I say and I do should flow from this identity. If it is therefore, my identity, then how can my LIFE be boring or dull? If I am bored, is that because I am a Christian? 

If you ever find yourself bored because you are a Christian, here are five ways to help you out of that state:

Read the Bible and pray.  Do not hurry through this process. During this occasion, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you, what He wants you to see and write it down in a journal.  This will help in memory retention. We are prone to forget.

Now remember prayer and Bible study should not be done in isolation.  Obedience to the Word of God must follow.  The Bible does not contain suggestions nor negotiable commands.  Obedience is not an option.

Look around you, are there people who need you to love them? Remember love is best expressed through actions.  Jesus Christ, Himself, demonstrated that, by obeying His Father, when He died on the cross for our sins.

Are you a wife? This title comes with responsibilities, so does parenting. And if you have a job outside the home, well, I’m surprised you have time to breathe, much less be bored.  

More than likely, if you are reading this, you are also a blogger.  Nope! No boredom there, either. 

If these are done on a daily basis, I can assure you, I do not expect to hear from you, that you are bored, or you live a boring life.  Add to this list, responsibilities at church, such as Awana or Sunday School; boredom? Surely not! 

How about you? What do you do to curb the boredom in your life? 

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