Hey friends, how was your week? The weather has been very temperamental this week.  The temperature was 82° one day and 63° the next, even the birds were confused. Poor birds… they probably thought summer was here and suddenly fall came around and guess what? Summer is here again.   I’ve been under the weather all week and still not quite out of the woods yet.  Jazz, the cat had been running full throttle thrush the house, I think my constant presence at the house has left her bewildered.  How was your summer? I’ve had a wonderful summer. 

A few weeks ago, we attended Sight and Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA. We went to watch the show ‘jesus’.  It was a phenomenal play depicting the life of Christ.  The music and singing brought chills to my spine, there was live animals, the cast was perfect.   They kept the script pretty accurate. I’ve attended quite a few shows over the years, and I must admit, I think this one was a touch above the rest.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.   

One of my favorite vacations over the summer was our trip to Myrtle Beach.  We stayed right in the beach, with a few other friends, who were excellent friend.  The laughter, the talks, the shopping and the time spent on the beach under the rays of the sun was just what we needed.  

What was your summer like? What activities did you accomplish?

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