Hey friends, how was your weekend? It is 44° presently, under a bleak, cloudy, dreary, forlorn, gloomy day, in my neck of the woods; (‘E’ anyone? Can you believe, I could not find any depressing ‘e’ word? Huh!)

the difference a day makes

But I am reminded that in all things we give thanks, even in days like these. Believe me, it could always be worse; it could be snowing.

Days like these are beautiful, they are complacent, cozy, comfortable days.  I like days like these, because I don’t have to move quickly; days like these remind me to slow down.  We’ve had quite a few depressing, dismal, dark and rainy days lately.  So, you could imagine, I’ve not been moving very quickly at all.  I think in the past few days; I’ve probably read about ten books.  No, no, not books I HAVE to read for our Young Ladies Bible Study, no; not the one I HAVE to read for our Women’s Bible Study either; just mind numbing fictitious, romance books.  My favorite really.  

So, now that I’ve bored You with my ramblings (and I could ramble) how are you doing? Perhaps I’ll be quiet long enough to actually listen… balance is a difficult attribute to attain isn’t it? I’ve come to the realization that ‘balance’ could also be called ‘self control’.  What do you think? 

I talk too much! I think it is somehow programmed in my DNA. I am prone to speak. Listening is a skill; I am still working on it. I talk to my husband, my children, friends and family. I even talk to myself, when no one is around.  Thankfully the walls are not talking back, or else I would really be in trouble.   My mind is constantly coming up with free advice, no one requested.  I can hardly wait for you to be done talking, because I need to say something, before I lose my train of thought.  After all, I know it all.  Why do I do that? 

I love this verse, Heavenly Father. Can You see her, Lord? Who is she? Can she be me? I would like her to be me. This woman thinks before she speaks, she is quick to listen but slow to speak(James 1:19). She realizes that words have power, they can be detrimental and deadly. They can breathe life and comfort. 

She knows that, so she slows down, and she draws near to You, the Author and Finisher of her faith.  She knows on her own, she is prone to say too much. Can she, please be me, Lord? I want to be her. This woman understands that in too many words, she is likely to be dishonest. Proverbs 10:19 In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, But he who restrains his lips is wise.She speaks kindly to people. She speaks truth, tapered with wisdom.  She knows not just when to speak, but also how to speak.  Before she rebukes anyone, she seeks You. She knows she can very easily speak out of anger and frustration.  She can be impatient with her words, so she runs to You, she finds comfort under the shadow of Your wings.  Can I be her, Father? I want to be her.

Can we be her, together? Let’s watch our words today, let’s look out for each other.  Let’s encourage and edify and build up as we walk along this path of Christian living.  

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