Hello friends, how are you today? What kind of temperature are you enjoying on this beautiful, extra special day? Today is a cloudy and chilly kind of day, it’s only 26° right now, but it’s a beautiful day. It wouldn’t matter whether it was raining or snowing or a sunny 90° day, today is still a wonderful day, isn’t it? Today is a fantastic day because of what it signifies. Merry Christmas
Because of this day, salvation is available to mankind. Because of Christmas Day, a path was made to bridge the gap between man and a Holy, Righteous God. Christmas Day made it possible for our names to be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Christmas reassures me of the great love of the God of the Universe because He sent His only Begotten Son who is The God-Man [both God and Man] to pay the price for man’s debt. Christmas Day provides us with everlasting joy and peace and most importantly, it provides eternal life. We can now enjoy an abundance of grace and mercy, because of this special day. Forgiveness is available and freely given to all who ask. Christmas Day made all this possible. Without this day, where would we be? img_2518-e1545705455574.jpgChristmasclosing1brenda