Hello friends, how are you today? Yesterday was just not happening… but, I pray you are enjoying a beautiful day in the Lord. I pray you made time for Him today.  When I was younger, I thought spending time with the Lord, guaranteed me a good day.  Of course my definition of a ‘good day’ was kind of warped at the time.  I thought a ‘good day’ meant everything went on exactly as I planned it.  I thought it meant everyone would be and act kindly toward me, I thought it meant absolutely no rain on my day.  I usually thought to myself, ‘here I come, world, ready or not’.  I really thought spending time with the Lord guaranteed that every outside circumstance and situation had been perfectly aligned, so that I could have a good day.  Well… needless to say, I found out that spending time with the Lord did not equal a ‘good day’.   Sometimes I would get so frustrated because I prayed and spent time with the Lord, yet seemingly I had the most horrible day.  Over time (because you know, I kept praying for good days) I realized something extraordinary.  I mean it was a light bulb moment! ‘Good days’ do not depend on outside influence (although they definitely can help) but rather having a good day depends on my faith and trust in an Awesome and Mighty God.  (Thought I was going to say me, didn’t you?) I can assure I am incapable of giving myself a good day.  I’ve tried, it doesn’t last.  I can have gladness and joy, when I place my faith and trust in a God, Who is faithful, kind, loving and forgiving.  Yes, I now have ‘good days’, even when my days are not so good, because I know He hasn’t abandoned and left me alone. How are you, today? 

 GROWING FAVORITES:   I am reading the book of Esther, I love reading about the women of the Bible, (imagine that).   prov 31 17I chose this verse today because it reminded me of Queen Esther.   She strengthened her arms, she really was not sure of the outcome, but she knew she had to plead for the lives of her people and herself.  Perhaps she was encouraged when the King told her she could ask for anything, up to “half of the kingdom” (Esther 5:6) and it would be granted to her.  Now isn’t that something! She can’t really enjoy half the kingdom, if she’s dead though.  I guess in retrospect she really did have to tell the king of the heinous crime, Haman is preparing to commit. col-1-15.jpg It has been noted, perhaps because it is obvious, that Esther is the only book of the Bible where God’s Name isn’t at all mentioned.   Yet evidence of His Presence is permeated throughout the lives of the people in this Book.   It reminds me of us today.  We serve the ‘Invisible God’, yet He is made visible to us and to others, by the works He performs in our lives.  As we become more and more entrenched in His Word, He confirms His very visible nature.  We begin to trace His Hand in our lives.  We begin to trust His heart.  We begin to affirm the very presence of this ‘Invisible God’ Who makes Himself known. We become surer of Him, as His Word takes root and transformation takes place in our lives (Romans 12: 1,2).   We begin to ‘see’ evidence of This Invisible God.   He may have been ‘invisible’ to Esther and her people, but certainly today the Bible tells us of God the Son, Jesus Christ Himself:phil 2 6 7C18B6C1B-6918-4E33-9B73-A86E2930FFBB

BEAUTY FAVORITES : This Clinique beyond perfecting Foundation saved my life during the month of November.  FC73A3F9-2FC2-41CE-AA27-9F98909E05FFI suffer from dry skin, and during the winter months, it is usually exacerbated.  As a result, I sometimes, get slight to moderate discolorations on my face.  I can’t stand that! Vain, I know… but there you have it.  This foundation, in Cream Caramel, is perfect when I want to cover it all and give the illusion of perfect skin.  Although it is thick, it isn’t cakey which is very good. And most importantly, it also helps in keeping my face moisturized and I need all the help I can get.  It is applied with the doe foot applicator and this wonderful Tarte Cosmetics foundation brush.  I’m not how accessible this brush is, because I bought as part of a package deal on QVC about 2 years ago.  42B032EA-1DCF-4799-A234-C1531266453AThe two used together are a harmonious blend of perfection.  The brush’s thick bristles ensure the product stays on the face and gives a smooth and consistent application.  I love it.  058536C5-4C8F-4E58-981B-6E2365B8CFA9

This See by Chloe perfume is ideal for these winter months.  Thankfully it isn’t too musky, but the heavy, woodsy and slight floral scent is best used in the winter (I think).  It is light and airy which is perfect for these dark, cold months.  3B999F9B-89FC-482F-BB37-011D03314297Then there is this Dr.Brandt No More Baggage de-puffing gel.  Did I tell you, I need all the help I can get? 48CFF845-3FE3-40E9-973D-5AE2AD998810This eye de-puffing gel helps in neutralizing the dark circles that mysteriously appear under the eye, when sleep patterns has been slightly interrupted. It really, really helps.  It is orange in color, which sometimes helps in brightening the under eye and the coolness certainly feels good.   

FASHION FAVORITES: My closet was under construction and we all know how impossible it is to find anything in these situations.  I literally used the same bag for the entire month.  8CB0F992-C25A-4F13-B9B2-B7CACF2B3B22Truthfully I could not find anything else, even if I wanted to change it.  But the colors and of course the black background was perfect.  It went with every outfit I wore; the colors just blended beautifully. The size is perfect; it was able to fit all my necessities, including my iPad. Love it, but it’s good to have order again.  Now I can find everything and everything is in its place, praise the Lord.   

Creation itself speaks of the presence of this “Invisible God’.  It leaves us without excuse for rejecting the One Who became ‘sin for us’ (II Cor. 5:21).  What are some things you are thankful for, during the month of November?



21 responses to “I’M NOT DONE WITH NOVEMBER”

  1. Thanks for sharing about the book of Esther, one of my favorites! I am a member of a women’s group at my church called Esther’s Circle and we recently completed a study of the book of Esther! I enjoy your posts! Keep the faith, rainy days make things grow!

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  2. That was a very nice post. When I was a younger woman, I used to worry about everything, even stupid and unlikely stuff. But as I have finally reached old age, I suddenly one day realized that all the stupid stuff that used to weigh my soul down, mostly never came true. All that life and energy wasted in worrying. That was an eye opening moment and I think circles back to exactly what you’re suggesting people should do (I think). You’re suggesting that we quit sweating the small stuff and focus on the Source of All That’s Good. That relationship will carry us through.

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