Hey friends, how are you today? Well, that’s it! Today is the last day of November.  Tomorrow (if the Lord spares our lives) will be beginning of the end, or the end of a beginning. The weather has been very indecisive; it has been snowing, then raining and now snowing again throughout the past week. 018091E2-9ED1-44E9-AD88-394AF79C07BBWe’ve had brutally cold, mild to just plain chilly also, the weather reminds me of me at times; sticking with a decision can be rather hard.  At the beginning of the year, I really wanted a more consistent exercise regime. I have found the colder it gets, the harder it is, to keep to any kind of regular exercise program. As a matter of fact, I really don’t want to move at all.  The problem is really in the getting ready.  When I do exercise, I do feel so much better.  But most times, I just go with my feelings, which is never good for us, is it? I am trying to introduce into my life now, patterns or habits that will be beneficial to the person the Lord desires me to be, as we enter 2019.  I think, perhaps I should have started earlier, because November was cold and snowy and December is not looking any better.  Huh! Did I just blame the weather for my bad habits? Well…well…well…. Not a very good start to end of the beginning. I Thess 5 18My closet is done, yeah! I have the best husband in the world.  He endured my impatience and whining and he didn’t stand for any of my supposed short cuts.  He did a fantastic job and I’m happy (I really am) he took time and did his research.  I’m proud of that man, I think I’ll keep him for another 24 years (at least).  B4F44E6E-7172-4582-AEA6-231BF6F2A415Yeah! In the spirit of Christmas and thankfulness, we have a GIVEAWAY! And it’s a good one; at least I think so; all our favorite things in one basket. It’s a beautiful balance of inside and outside me.   Although it’s a perfect basket for the ladies; men just think how much more, your wife, fiancée, girlfriend, mother, sister(s) or daughter(s) will think you are the best man on earth (next to my husband, of course), if you win this gift.  In this giveaway, one person will receive3CEBCED6-419D-447A-BF08-75BD00DC98671FE93F74-805B-4ADC-B8A4-000A5C522540

  • Not one but two books from Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth.  Signed copy of the updated version of Lies Women Believe and 31 Day Advent Devotional.7A3535B8-023B-4929-9B2E-A1946D39DA35
  • PUR Midnight Masquerade eye shadow and blush palette
  • Four eye-shadow brushes from LUX beautyD145312A-A0FD-4D01-9510-7144F5D7007F
  • Liquid highlighter from Tarte cosmetics
  • HOL lashes
  • 2 charcoal face masks from Lace A Peel
  • Cover FX glitter drops
  • 2 double ended tweezers from Farah (just think of the possibilities)F62AC982-DA9E-48FC-BDDB-46459171F432And lastly a beautiful 2019 calendar, because you know, we need to be organized. Please follow the rules, because these are the only ones that will be entered for the drawing.  These rules are only for those, who wish to participate in this Giveaway. In order to participate, you must, 
  1. Be a follower of this blog.  
  2. Share (in the comment section) at least one thing, for which you are thankful.
  3. One entry per person

Optional for one more additional entry, follow my Instagram @brendamf and leave your Instagram handle with your comment. This Giveaway will run for 2 weeks, December 14.  On December 15, the winner will be contacted.    closing1brenda