Hello Friends, how are you today? How was your week? My windows have had to be kept closed, most of this week, because it has been so chilly in the mornings, right now it is 43°.  The local meteorologist forecasted a sunny day, but I am losing faith in their predictions. It has been dark, cloudy and rainy all week long.  I am ready for the sun to come out and play for a while.  Hopefully, today is the day.  Are you a ‘weather controls my mood’ person? I must admit, I am trying to change that about me.   Eccl 3 1Do you like change? Perhaps, like me, you may say, “it depends on the change”. I don’t always like change, especially unexpected changes.  I like sameness because sameness provides the illusion of safety, comfort and security. The truth is friends, security, comfort and safety isn’t found in our circumstances or our family or friends. I once read; ‘safety isn’t the absence of danger, but rather, the presence of God”.  The truth is change is inevitable and usually change is good for us.  Changes force us to run faster to the Lord, especially when we it’s unexpected.  Change can result in beauty when we fall at the feet of our Lord and surrender to Him.  Changes can halt our headlong rush into great danger because we’ve taken our eyes off the Lord.psalm121-3In my life, the changes have been plentiful and necessary. I get comfortable very quickly.  I have the tendency to set roots that go deep, whether it’s with people or places or my circumstances. I begin to place my trust in things outside of God and my God will not share His space with anything or anyone.  He does not change, but He will cause the change that will bring back that eternal peace and joy and happiness and love that I left behind in my desire to be worldly comfortable.  Do you welcome change? 20F6748D-0246-4153-BF24-BFB40915E75A9F8D024E-6C7C-472E-8F22-350FBC0D3F917ABF0945-3AFD-45DC-BF2F-56EEC0204825F9CB17C4-3EE4-4EBA-B0B0-A0DE4F718C48515C49A7-ED89-4ABF-98EF-D9E4498722DFA0061236-8A5A-46A8-9F93-3BDC08349757Change can bring assurance that our God is mighty and great and powerful. Change can allow us to see the faithfulness and grace and mercy of our Great God. What changes have taken place in your life?closing1brenda