Hey Friends, how are you today? We’re in October, can you believe it? October! Wasn’t it just a few months ago, we talked about our plans for the New Year and our word for the year? October is here, friends, and it’s almost time to begin planning for 2019.  Remember, to write the plans in pencil, so that the Lord can make the necessary adjustments.  I know it’s hard to believe, although it shouldn’t be at this point because we’ve had so many reminders, but we can’t control every circumstance and every person because we don’t know everything.  Hopefully by now, we get there faster than we did at the beginning of 2018.  It’s October, friends, and too soon Christmas will be here.  I love Christmas, it’s my favorite, favorite holiday in the year.  Most people are friendlier and more generous.  But before we get to Christmas, we have October and most importantly, we have today.  Psalm118 24Sometimes I get so busy making plans that I fail to live life fully, today.  Have you ever done that? There is very little intentionality in the activities and events on this day.  Sometimes, the day comes to a close and I can hardly remember what I did.  I sometimes, perform like a robot; my coffee cup literally reads, “I love you more than coffee, just not before coffee”.  At times, that mechanical behavior stays with me until I am jolted from it.  Usually it takes the very obviously, visible log to slow me down.  Ps. 73 2There’s just so much to be done, right? Work, home, family and friends consume so much of our time that it’s hard to see anything beyond that. Even our prayer and devotional life becomes mechanical.  What did you do in January? Can you remember? I can’t.  I know it was cold, but then it’s always cold in January. What about February? What about August? Life takes over, and it takes being intentional with our time to make each day count for something.  ii-peter-3-1The Lord desires for us to live life, that’s why He placed work, home, family and friends into our lives.  But we were never meant to be so busy that we perform as robots.  Can you remember the passage of scripture you read this morning? Did you even have time for your devotions?  ps 24 1Today is a beautiful day.  It is thundering and raining, the ground is saturated and the rain water is beginning to settle and form puddles.  The clouds are dark and overcast and most of the birds and animals have taken shelter.  But of course my cat, Jazz, decides today is a perfect to make a break for it.  I thought cats did not like water.  This one seems to love it. My husband is singing Travis Greene’s songs at the top of his lungs.  I think he knows in this album; Here For You.  Ps 150 9While at the True Woman Conference, Dannah Gresh talked about her love for Psalm 130.  I decided to read this passage of scripture this morning and I understand now, her love for this Psalm. It’s a beautiful one with only eight verses.  Read it for yourself and join me in memorizing these verses before the year comes to an end.  Hebrews 4 12 Live life, friends, and let’s choose to be intentional with way we live it. Let’s choose to laugh more, let’s love harder, let’s use encouraging and edifying wordsclosing1brenda